Checkers - Online & Offline (by GamoVation) - free classic board game for Android and iOS - gameplay -

Checkers – Online & Offline (by GamoVation) – free classic board game for Android and iOS – gameplay

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The Checkers game that you’ve always played is now available online & offline for free!

Quick Checkers is a multiplayer game where you can challenge people from all over the world for a nice classic game of Checkers or Draughts. Play Now!

Supported rules:
⭐ American Checkers/Draughts (8×8 board);
⭐ International Checkers (10×10 board);
⭐ Brazilian Checkers (8×8 board);
⭐ Russian Checkers (8×8 board);
⭐ Turkish Checkers (8×8 board);
⭐ Spanish Checkers (8×8 board);
⭐ Italian Checkers (8×8 board);
⭐ Czech Checkers (8×8 board);
⭐ Thai Checkers (8×8 board);

Quick Checkers is an inspiring traditional game that will keep you entertained for hours on end. Thanks to the intuitive touch controls, you’ll able to enjoy Quick Checkers in just a matter of seconds. Play this competitive, multiplayer online & offline board game from anywhere you want and prove that you are the real Checkers Master.

You can also play offline checkers against the computer or friends. The offline game offers 5 different levels of difficulty meant to enable you to improve your skills!

Quick Checkers online has got the following features:

⭐ Play against random people from all over the world in our exciting 1 vs. 1 player mode.
⭐ Play offline against the computer with 5 levels of difficulty.
⭐ Play local multiplayer against your friends.
⭐ Amazing graphics and great sound effects.
⭐ Earn experience and level up to get access to real world locations. You can play in places like New York, Paris, London, Amsterdam and Rio de Janeiro.
⭐ Dozens of unique checker Skins and Avatars.
⭐ Online chat system.
⭐ A competitive ranking system to help you compete against people from your country and across the globe.
⭐ Play and unlock achievements in order to receive amazing rewards.


Free online and offline game.

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