Chess Royale: Play Online (by XTEN LIMITED) - free online chess game for Android and iOS - gameplay. -

Chess Royale: Play Online (by XTEN LIMITED) – free online chess game for Android and iOS – gameplay.

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Now you can play chess online at any time for free with players from around the world!

This game is suitable for chess players of any level from beginner to pro. Like in a real chess game, you have a chance to develop tactics, strategy, memory and logic using one of 5 online chess modes:

Classic chess.
Play chess online, participate in chess tournaments, and complete achievements!

Chess blitz.
Participate in a fast chess game with a random player from anywhere in the world. You are given only one minute to win! Think fast, develop a strategy.

Chess time attack.
Use your tactics to finish a chess game in 5 minutes. Be faster than the opponent. The one who has more chess pieces on the board after the time expires wins.

Chess against the computer.
Can you beat artificial intelligence in chess online? Analyze and evaluate the position of the enemy before it defeats you.

Daily chess puzzles.
Challenge yourself, solve chess puzzles and become a great chess grandmaster.

Learn chess free and online: playing chess online provides you with an opportunity to look through handy tips for each chess piece so that you could quickly checkmate your opponents.

– Dozens of types of visual themes for boards and figures.
– Personal statistics and player achievements.
– Player leaderboard by country statistics.
– Chess tournaments.
– VIP chess.


Free online game.

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  1. Useless game, we about to win and turn move another box instead of we move and we lost the game, hacker hakes this game

  2. View my channel you gonna laugh, I edited some of my games in chess with animation hahahah

  3. I'm still not familiar with the game play.

  4. I m world champion but how to earn money from this app???

  5. How can you challenge recent players (non friends). I get rechallneged all the time from non friends and when I try to rechallenge non friend players I don’t know how

  6. Hello andro games can you play chess with me can you give me your chess id in this app?

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