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Cyberix3D – Free Online 3D Game Maker – Character

Cyberix 3D
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The 4th tutorial teaches you how to add a character and change its texture. You can also learn how to use the loop command to create movement.

Link to the texture file:

This is how it’s suppose to look like:


  1. I was not able to customize my character. Please tell me what should I do 🙂

    – via YTPak(.com)

  2. im follong what u r doing but it wont work please help

  3. I Making The game Of Zombie's Help Me To Title It

  4. how do i make the camera in first person in front of the player?

  5. What was that sign you press after 100+50?
    That sign between 100+50 and sin(a).
    I can't really see it from my screen.

  6. How do I make a enemy character attack me? Can you do a tutorial on that please 😀 ?

  7. my character doesn't appear to be able to push the block around as seen in 2:38

  8. my character isn't even showing up? : (

  9. I dont know from where to get a character for ree

  10. Oh man, I wish I would have discovered this before I discovered Coppercube..

  11. My character and the cube goes invisible just after I press play button.

  12. could you add your own costume model add the player tho ?

  13. A.K Electronics Hoshiar Pur Ashwani Kumar Pur hiran says:

    Can it make fighting game

  14. I wish I discovered this before unity! This is so much easier! I Favourited It In My Bookmarks! 🙂

  15. how i will publish my cyberix3d game in play store

  16. So i'm making a game and i would like to change the character model. How do I load in a Mixmo model that I downloaded into my game?

  17. how do you save the file because it doesn't work on the link

  18. Please teach me how to use timer and actions

  19. I am sorry to say but….. cyberix3d is now only available for download, f*ck you!!!!

  20. i wanna add a gun for my 3rd person project. can u do a tutorial about it?

  21. in which folder will the character's skin be??? plz tell me i really need it. (p.s the link does not open)

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