Cyberix3D - Free Online 3D Game Maker - Getting Started -

Cyberix3D – Free Online 3D Game Maker – Getting Started

Cyberix 3D
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In this tutorial we will learn how to setup a basic scene and use the basic controls of Cyberix3D Editor.


  1. как же круто что у нас в мире есть такой классный движок)

  2. Hey, I love this.

    You deserve more views and stuff

  3. The shit that comes out the speaker makes it unwatchable. thumbsdown

  4. yea thats nice vid but teach me how to make an AI and a door in the same map cuz I am pissed and confussed so if u can show us how to make a ai and door in same map I that would be great

  5. Could you tell me how to remove your saved game?

  6. how do you save games? my name is "dogedevelop".

  7. This online game maker deserves way mare attention then it has

  8. hi cyberix3d i like ur old gamemaker but looks really fun and cool! 😀 my user name is Aidan-Nutaj message this for something if i cant save project i downloaded it for my chromebook looks pretty sick but love ur game maker!

  9. It'd be cool to see a Rockman Dash fan game with this engine

  10. I'm gonna made minecraft in cyberix in 1 day seriously

  11. Where Can I See The Plain Colorless Blank Cube in the 3D Background?

  12. And. The RGB Axes Manipulators 3D Arrows?

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