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Earn FREE Crypto in 5mins by Playing Simple Games (Make Money Online)

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If I told you that you can make money online by playing a straightforward game, you would probably doubt it which is exactly why I am not telling buy showing you how to earn free cryptocurrencies by simply playing a straightforward game with Remitano which is one of the best crypto exchange platforms today.

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  1. Thanks sir 🙏 for the information
    Please when will the coin given will reflect on one's wallet?
    I have done everything but I have not received any thing on my wallet

  2. What about those who have remitano account for long

  3. Good evening sir. I just watched your video where you promoted fiverr affiliate putting a fiverr worker's page at the front. I just want to know if promoting just the link(CPA link) of fiverr or promoting the link by copying a fiverr worker page to link my clients straight to the worker on fiverr. Sir which is better, between sending clients to a worker on fiverr or to just send them to fiverr CPA direct. Please sir am really confused on which one to do. Thank you sir

  4. i got shiba inu but has not reflect in my dashboard

  5. Nwokeomam. Thank you so much and God bless you.

  6. I received 10000 Shiba Inu, but with a new account not the old one, is that all Sir

  7. I got 10,000 Shiba but I can't redem it

  8. Sir, how about people using Remitano on phone. I didn't see the link to take me to the coin page. How do i go about it?

  9. Those in Nigeria are not eligible to the bonus

  10. How do I create a remitano wallet account

  11. But can we get in to our local bank account.

  12. its not taking me to the interface
    there's no coin bubble of nothing its just plain normal

  13. Thank you very much, sir! We'd want to see more of this from you.

  14. I got 10.0000 shib but is not showing in my balance

  15. Bro gerald pls teach us how create non blockable PayPal account

  16. Can the process be repeated
    And I noticed that it’s not working for old accounts

  17. dragon evolution play to earn gamefi is amazing, the development, designs and gaming build up is also good

  18. Amazon Sales and Reviews(Smart phones and others) says:

    How often is the game played sir

  19. Sir is it something we play constantly do we download the app and keep playing

  20. Thanks for the video but what of those of us that has Remitano account before watching the video who do we play the game.

  21. Hello gerald i have received SHIB30000..thank you Gerald hoping to see more

  22. I got 3 dodge coin but the question is how are you going to withdraw 🤔

  23. sir i thank you for this idea, that why you are difference, bless you more and more

  24. No spaces provided for fill a form in the new warrior plus in your tutorial a place is provided

  25. I got the Shiba inu and it hasn't reflected on my wallet

  26. Thanks for your laudable effort Sir. Pls, help me with documents verifications. My phone number has been successfully verified. I need help concerning Step 1b and step 2. Thanks in advance.

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