Fishing Legend (by Greenwood Game) - free online fishing simulation game for Android - gameplay. -

Fishing Legend (by Greenwood Game) – free online fishing simulation game for Android – gameplay.

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Fishing is now a new way of life. Welcome to the world’s most gorgeous fishing destinations and start your fishing journey right now. Fishing legend is a fishing game for fishing lovers of all ages. This fishing simulation game is your choice whether you love fishing peacefully by yourself or you love competition by joining battles with other players.

Realistic 3D Graphic
With all full 3D scenes that you can move the camera and choose the fishing point on the water freely;
The fishes move lively and vividly above and below the water, enjoy the fight with them!

Catch over 200 species of fish
More than 200 species of fish for you to catch and each of them has its own unique close visuals. You can catch fish of all sizes, from regular fish like carp or bass to large fish like a shark or even some sea monsters.

Venture more than 20 fishing locations
Astonishingly realistic nature environment presentation, including more than 20 world-famous fishing locations, such as Europe, North & Latin America, Asia, Africa, the Atlantic, etc., you can almost catch fish anywhere you could ever imagine.

Unlimited fishing mode
If you don’t like competition, instead you just want to hook the fish all by yourself and enjoy the peace, Fishing Legend is also your first choice. You can easily enjoy this fishing game without worrying that you may be interrupted by anyone else.

Real-time 1v1 PvP battles
Compete in real-time 1v1 duels against real players from all over the world;
The matching mechanism keeps the contest fair and competitive;
You need your fishing experiences, strategy, and a bit of luck to beat your opponent. If not, you may go back to single-fishing mode to practice more, and try again;
You can participate in tournaments and championships regularly with hundreds of other players, fight to win the final reward!

Live events to win rewards
Take part in daily live events and tournaments for new lures and upgrade your gear. Fight for the fishing championship!

Easy gameplay simple control
From professional anglers to players who only have eaten the fish, they can all have fun;
Tap to fish on the first screen directly, no waiting;
Intuitive and casual gameplay makes you enjoy the fishing experience all the time, everywhere. This is truly fishing made easy!
Catch more fish to upgrade and then unlock new fishing spots and new types of fishes, no need to pay for any game content.

Fishing Legend is a realistic 3D fishing simulation game on your phone. More than 20 famous fishing spots and 200+ types of fish around the world for you to choose from. Experience the thrill of exciting fishing yourself, challenge other players in 1v1 real-time fishing matches, and get the amazing reward of high-class tournaments and championships!

Prepare your lures and rods, aim the shadow in the water, the big fishes are out there await! Join this Fishing Legend fishing game with millions of fishing enthusiasts every day.

Free online game.

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