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FPS CyberPunk Shooting Game (by TINYSOFT) – free online multiplayer shooter for Android – gameplay.

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Do you quake about thinking of solving warfare crysis? Then this is perfect FPS cyberpunk online multiplayer shooter just for you!

Loot and special features
You can collect items like health shield ammo or life.

Optimalization for weak devices
The game is optimized for devices with low technical characteristics.

Leaderboards with detailed statistics.

When you finish this tutorial you will play in real PVP multiplayer arena.

FPS classic Deathmatch
There are many shooting which you can choose to shoot with. If combat evolved there is plenty of shooting and great fun.

Capture the flag
Unreal tournament in 4×4 PVP arena battlefield, where the modern cyber war is ready to begin. Your enemies will quake!

Excelent FPS in 3D graphics including Halo characters and map.

Weapons stage
A wide variety are available in-game, from assault and plasma to laser machineguns and grenade launchers! Each one has its own unique properties and features including 4×4 quad damage.

– Shock Rifle, also called ASMD is a gun present in classic games.
– Bio Rifle is a weapon appearing across the Game. Primary fire will launch a series of small, green blobs which will stick to anything or explode on contact with another player
– Machinegun is a starting weapon that shoots 10 rounds per second. It is relatively accurrate but has some spread to its shots.
– Rocket Launcher this is one of the popular, given its splash capabilities and raw damage. While missed shots might be weak, it’s still powerful enough for most people in shadowgun war games. It’s normally aimed to the ground or nearby wall, as any amount is better than a clean miss.

Multikills and achievements
You can achieve megakill triplekill or be godlike.

You can customize your hero to cyberpunk ops or titan fall!

The doom day has come and your enemy is going to meet your superhot gun at borderlands!

Free online game.

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