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FPS Free Online Games

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My Favorite FPS Game: Soldier Front ()
Fast paced game with many weapons and maps.

My newest movie (Timbaland-The Way I Are) is coming out on 6/6/08 *Has lyrics in sideshow format and in the description*
(Timbaland Video)

All former series from Silentstrike9 Productions are hereby canceled as of 6/5/08
*EDIT: Most of the newspaper announcements are very out of date. To see the most recent updates, visit the respective website for each game.

Here is a list of the best online FPS games. All of these are free to download.

If on the title of the game it has an (R),it means I personally reccomend it.
At the end of each game section it says the site to get it. That backround is my rating (out of 5 stars).

*Americas Army takes a long time to download, so I recommend doing it overnight.

Game sites:

*You can still type warrock.net, and it will redirect you to the right website

All video content is from the official website of that game.


My newest movie (Timbaland-The Way I Are) is coming out on 6/6/08 *Has lyrics in sideshow format and in the description*
(Timbaland Video)


  1. KUMA WAR 1 i RECOMMEND FOR CLAN BATTLES ITS 3rd or 1st person view pretty kick ass Old SCHoOl War GAME!!!

  2. Try Alliance Of Valiant Arm And Sudden Attack


  4. No… Project Reality puts all other FPS games to shame

  5. YOU SAY COMBAT ARMS IS GUD???? WELL IF YOU MODIFIED YOUR GUN IT WILL END FOR like 30 days??? WELL go play Op7 the modification is Unlimited!

  6. Cmon, F.E.A.R. 1 the old fear has a free online version that can be downloaded at their website… LOL Marketing video quality on a free online game. It's awesome for quick matches because is full of action!!

  7. search jcao219
    on youtube and click his video about Tank Ace
    its an awesome game coming out 12/17- free

  8. I Use to Play WarRock But Dosnt Work Any More

  9. Come join us for open beta testing of our new FPS, K.O.S.-Secret Operations! Starts January 12th. We'll be giving away a free in-game item to all players who join us for the first 3 hours. Hope to see you there!

  10. AVA online is the best! better graphics and more realistic! than CA and Crossfire

  11. combat arms sucks due to hackers everywhere

  12. If you like this game, you'll definitely like our new free to play FPS called K.O.S-Secret Operations! It's the only f2p FPS that uses the Source Engine (the same engine as Counter-Strike). We launched today, come join us for all the festivities, including a $2,500 tournament!

  13. no it doesnt makeureself teleport but it makes other ppl teleport wich noobs will call hacker's
    when its basicly lag…
    poor internet or a strong internet doesnt mather depends realy how strong server host is and how much it can handle if its weak it gives a higher ping if is strong + ureself having a good intnert u dont have lag issue's
    a server host with a weak server host and u have a strong good internet it gives u a higher ping then lower~

  14. I like urban terror because its pretty easy to play.

  15. this game is good but its mostly western based server so if you live on the east coast you will get major lag usually 200+

  16. @XxXwafflebrainsXxX dude does crossfire let u on? as of march 12

  17. on americas army, i cant do anything because its so laggy. i even have an awesome computer but its still so laggy that i cant move

  18. warrock is a good game
    but damn shame of all those hackers

  19. if graphic wise reach counter strike graphics is good enough because lousy graphics just make the game less attractive to play but doom is an exception i dunno y

  20. @Xivliz Want to know what else is "shite"? Your grammar 😛

  21. I don't know guys,i hate all these games and all these videos,i love to play Counter Strike Source and League of Legends and Modern Warfare 2 on my PS3 but the other games are sucks :/,all these games has a very awesome graphics that's why i love them :/,these game will let you feel that you are in a real life but not such as League of Legends,but it has a nice graphics too :D,if you want to download it go to my channel

  22. America Army 3 pwn these games so fking bad , almost no hackers , nice people , etc

  23. im tried of combat arms, first of all its really hard to ranuk up and the weapon are so fucking expensive, and last is full of hacker nerds

  24. does anyone knows a free online fps which doesnt need to much memory?

  25. @lyricjam urban terror is small even he said its a good game for a bad computer

  26. shouldnt really include games if you have to pay 2 win

  27. Check out K.O.S … It's a free to play FPS game. kos.dontblynk.c o m

  28. @SuperHappyCow is it one of those games that's easier to play if you have a mouse instead of a track pad?

  29. @kirkgunx Your right ……. and also they ban /suspend accounts for no reason.

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