FREE Epic Games, Mga Online and Offline for Android - Part 5 -

FREE Epic Games, Mga Online and Offline for Android – Part 5

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Best FREE Offline and Online Games For Android na available sa Play Store and TAPTAP app store. No quarters required! Play golden axe game online for free and relive the glory days of arcade gaming.

– Basic sniper game
– free and offline
– Good graphics with decent control sensitivity
– Good for relaxed gaming or short break game

– online action arcade game
– fight 1v1, or 2v2 and stay on the platform
– you fall, you die
– you will only have 4 lives per game
– first team to lose all lives will lose.
– available on TapTap app

– action RPG
– PlayStation 2 quality graphics
– about a blind rogue ninja
– Size is around 200MB which is good for low-end games
– best attack is sneak attack from behind.
– cut trees and crates to get bonus
– Graphics settings up to 60fps with bloom and HDR

No Way To Die
– Survival game
– Good graphics
– free and offline
– you are a survivor in a zombie world
– you survive by collecting items and food.
– you may combine them and make tools or cook foods
– Kill all zombies that you see.
– basically, just survive longer every game.
– there is an auto-mode if you just want to watch your character go autopilot and relax.

Dark Raider
– a retro-based game of hack-and-slash
– RPG type with decent controls and movements
– Offline game and free
– find your way to the dungeons and play hardcore old-school style game
– If you die, you will go back to the beginning

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  1. Parang Smash Bros. Lang meron ako ganyan sa Nintendo Switch ko.

  2. sa wakas ako ang pina ka una nag comment at nag like whhhoooaaa i dol ang galing mo talaga… from mindanao po ako palagi kitang pinapanood..

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