FREE GAME DEVELOPMENT (Full Course) | Beginner to Advance - Unity 3D -

FREE GAME DEVELOPMENT (Full Course) | Beginner to Advance – Unity 3D

Azad Chaiwala
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FREE Game Development Basic to Advance Level Full Course.

Course Recorded At @AzadChaiwalaInstitute
Teacher : Shah Fahad Ahmed
Shah Fahad Ahmed is a 26-year-old game development instructor from Karachi. He has been a professional online trainer for the past three years and has taught over 4,000 students on different platforms, such as Udemy and Skillshare.

00:00:00 – Class1 INTRO Game _ Game Engine
00:04:05 – Class2 – Software Installation
00:08:38 – Class3 – Basic Unity Interface and Game Objects
00:27:52 – Class4_ Basic Programming
00:46:38 – Class 5 – Classes and objects
01:10:00 – Class 6 – Keyboard Movement
01:22:33 – Class 7 – Jumping in Unity
01:28:22 – Class8 – Adding Games Props
01:37:39 – Class9 – Collision and Debug Log
01:44:05 – Class10 – Tags and Conditions
01:51:09 – Class11 – Going to the next level
01:51:09 – Class 12 – That Sounds Good
02:24:20 – Class13 – Finalizing and building first Game
02:32:06 – Class 14 – Game2 Creating Runner Game
02:51:02 – Class 15 – Game UI
03:06:49 – Class 16 – Unity Asset Store
03:25:43 – Class 17 – Terrain in Unity 3D
03:39:53 – Class 18 – Unity Animator and Mixamo
03:53:51 – Class 19 – 2D Unity Games
04:06:55 – Class 20 – Android Game Development in Unity
04:19:07 – Class 21 – Publishing the game

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This is a free game development course, it’s essentially game development for beginners. Teaching you how to get into game development. A full on advanced game development tutorial in urdu. A Unity 3D Game Development full course made specifically to help you become a game developer in Pakistan. this can also be considered a game development tutorial in hindi, because both urdu and hindi are sister languages. Game development scope in Pakistan is huge, there are hundreds if not thousands of new studios opening every year. In the light of there not being any major game development institute in Pakistan, we decided the best platform to spread this free course will be via videos on YouTube.

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  1. 1:36:07 mera platform pieces mai break ho rha hai bas farak hai pehle neeche gir jaate the aur ab gravity hata ke side pe float krne lagte hai

  2. Thank you for taking the time and effort to make this video.

  3. Thank you so much Azad Sir And Fahad Sir for teaching us this Expansive Course without any cost Allah Pak apko hamesha kush rekhe Ameen

  4. What is the hardware requirment for this setup

  5. Suggestion nahi arahi boss plz iska batado

  6. NOTE****
    for the joystick controller
    rb.velocity = new vector3(xinput*4,0f,yinput*3);
    rb.AddForce(xinput*4,0f, yinput*3);

    because of this the sphere moves smothly and if you leave the joystick after pushing it forward it keeps on going forward (like it keeps on moving in real life) for some distance.
    also the ball falls from height like real life because of this change.

  7. Thank You For Building My Life In New Way Thanks ❤

  8. Thank you so much Azad Sir And Fahad Sir for teaching us this Expansive Course without any cost Allah Pak apko hamesha kush rekhe Ameen

  9. Can we be able to earn properly after learning through this video?

  10. The input.getAxis("horizontal") isn't working

  11. Wow, what an incredible game development course! 🎮💡 I can't thank the creators enough for putting together such a comprehensive and enlightening resource. From start to finish, I was immersed in a world of learning, and it's safe to say that I've come out of it with a treasure trove of knowledge.

    The course content was not only informative but also exceptionally well-structured, making it easy to follow and absorb even the most complex concepts. The instructors were not just experts in their field but also fantastic communicators, breaking down intricate topics into digestible nuggets of wisdom.

    I appreciate the hands-on approach throughout the course. The practical exercises and real-world examples helped me apply what I learned, turning theory into tangible skills.

    Moreover, the community and support provided were outstanding. Interacting with fellow learners and the instructors added a whole new dimension to the learning experience. It felt like a family of passionate game developers coming together to share their insights and inspire one another.

    This course has not only equipped me with the technical know-how needed for game development but has also ignited my creative spark. I now feel confident and inspired to embark on my game development journey, armed with the tools and guidance I've gained here.

    Thank you once again to the creators and everyone involved in making this course a reality. It's truly been a game-changer for me, and I can't wait to see where this newfound knowledge takes me in the exciting world of game development! 🚀🎮

  12. my unity editor is not starting sir i tried every methods but it always shows error (unable to start application correctly) . what to do?

  13. bhai meri unity ki ID nhi ban rahi😭😭

  14. Sir unity is not downloaded I am trying again and again but It is progress every time I am trying 2-3 days

  15. For beginner which one course is more better?
    Web development or game game development and App development ?

  16. Is course mein C# bhi basic se bataya hai kya !

  17. 3:05:23 mere mai mainmenuscript ka option hi nhi aa rha baaki saare options aa rhe hai

  18. well I appreciate it but this is not Beginner to Advance this is like noob to a Beginner .

  19. I have learned much from this video. May ALLAH grant you jannah especially the teacher of this course

  20. Thanku boss…for giving me one more talent


  21. Sir kya Ham PC ki jagah per iPad use kar sakte hain game development ke liye kya iPad mein unity game engine install ho jaega

  22. Brilliant explanation ….. Best video.. please put more videos on unity and blender 3D… My best wishes

  23. minimum PC requirements for this type of animation/coding ?

  24. Humy b university main project mila hai game development ka samjh hi ara kesy kru😢

  25. thank you for my own always support you i want to be a coder!!!!!

  26. kamal ka learn karwata hn ap thanks😘😍

  27. alter dba kar bhi nahi ho raha camera move

  28. thank you shah fahad ahmad bhai and azai chaiwala for this course. aapke wajah se ek initial start mil gaya

  29. where can i get the code documentation i want to add some new things to my game but i don't know the code

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