FREE Money Gifts From Rockstar Games In GTA 5 Online Is MISSING & Players Are FURIOUS! -

FREE Money Gifts From Rockstar Games In GTA 5 Online Is MISSING & Players Are FURIOUS!

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FREE Money Gifts From Rockstar Games In GTA 5 Online Is MISSING & Players Are FURIOUS!
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In today’s Grand Theft Auto 5 video – We are aware of an issue with in-game deliveries of items and GTA$ in GTA Online, including Los Santos Tuners gifts, Prime Gaming rewards, and Shark Cards. We are currently working to resolve this and will share an update as soon as it is available — thanks for your patience.


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Hope you enjoyed this video! See you guys in the next one! ✌🏻


  1. I couldn’t wait any longer and just purchased the body shop… sucks

  2. I got my money a few days ago but still having prime gaming problems I'm glad I didn't pay for the auto shop like the vids mr boss

  3. I got my rebate bk last week for my auto shop

  4. Aren’t you the guy who got roasted by ned luke?

  5. Still waiting on my bonus 5.9M from the shark card :/

  6. It’s not free fir me abs prime gaming member

  7. My cocaine locker also just kinda forgot that I ever opened it, telling me to do setup mission after I’d previously already sold product

  8. See I’m mad I’m not mad at rockstar i’m just mad I’m going to be missing out all the money because my mom cut out my Xbox ultimate bill now I can’t play GTA online😡

  9. The person I know that posts fake videos for likes and shares

  10. i’ve been a prime gaming member but ever since this new stuff came out i haven’t been receiving my rewards, the autoshop property wasn’t free so i just bought it expecting my rebate, the is utter bs

  11. I got it I was wondering where that 250k came from

  12. My friend got the prime stuff I didn't get it yet or the money stuff

  13. Got my auto shop but I think you can only use it until aug 18th

  14. Still waiting for my autoshop I'm out 1.6 mil

  15. Yes I own the strawberry property and still haven't received my 1 million

  16. The money is in the PS STORE don't know why but it is

  17. I got nothing and I'm still waiting for them to return my oppressor mark 2

  18. i can get more money runnin the cayo heist anyways tbh 😂😂😂

  19. I got 250k today but it's not enough cars cost millions

  20. I dint get my free shop tho and I'm with prime gaming

  21. Dudee I did not worry about the free money . The mission money is missing for me 😞💯 I did not accept it can you please tell me how to get it

  22. They had a: If you buy a whale or megalodon shark card you get a bonus. I bought 2 WSCs and I got one of the bonuses of 2.5 mil. After contacting support (since the 1st one didn't credit at the time) they finally responded after close to 2 weeks and said they just credited me but it still didn't show up in my bank yet. idk if it still takes about 72 hours but still I'm trying to be patient. The only thing that is frustrating to me is that it takes soooo long for them to respond.

  23. Will I still get the auto shop for free and the money if I log in after the day that it expires but have already linked the account and claimed the rewards

  24. Bro i had 5 million and sudent my money just disapear

  25. I got my free 100k from prime-gaming but i didn’t get my auto shop



  28. In my opinion this is what everyone uses am I right?
    "*WeDn.BeSt*" "*WeDn.BeSt*"
    By the way, this song is a certificated classic.

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