Free Multiplayer Games You Can Play With Friends During the Lockdown | The Quint -

Free Multiplayer Games You Can Play With Friends During the Lockdown | The Quint

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Here’s a list of some free multiplayer games for Android, iO, PC, PS4
and Xbox One you can download and play with your friends for free during the lockdown.
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  1. COD: Mobile battle royal sucks, but the small multiplayer in it are top notch.

  2. Call of duty warzone is available for PC(WINDOWS) also. Not just playstation and xbox

  3. You can play pubg pc lite also in you computer for free

  4. U chose pubg over cod? U must be noob.. 🤔

  5. PUBG doesn't require 6gigs to run smoothly. I play it on my 3 GB RAM Remdi and it runs just fine.

  6. But earlier PUBG Mobile was threatened to be banned 🤭🤭🤭. Now everyone understands the importance of PUBG.

  7. Do you even know how much data is required to download such huge PC games???? 😒

  8. Its a Miracle when i saw #Axe. In the thumbnail. #Dota2, please dont call gamers to people who play using mobile phone.

  9. Me having neet exam on 3rd may :- oh Bhai maro mujhe maro

  10. House Party, it's another great app where multiple friends can connect and play arcade games, quizes etc. It's really fun and trendy, don't know why it hasn't been mentioned here.

  11. Why don't you promote #Reading or #Writing something, you want to contain the thinking of people so that you can spread your hatred and propaganda and polarise people. #Shame #theQuint
    Or are these Gaming companies funding you?? Worst of Journalism.

  12. What about apex legends, mera to rat bhar vahi chal rha hai

  13. Thanksss bhaaaaiii yehi chahiye tha!love you guys!

  14. Idiot just posting stuff we know for the sake of views

  15. i am playing betterfeaild 4 or For honor and assassins creed blackflag

  16. Tank and plane fanatics can play war thunder

  17. No Nutaku Games

    I see no sign of intelligent live here

  18. Hell no I will work hard and fucking get my success in this precious time

  19. Pubg mobile is cancer. How tf you can play that game on mobile with that small screen

  20. You guys really have a worst taste. There are lots of game that are way better than these. These are just common games everyone knows. You just want views and comments. I love your channel cause you bring us genuine and good content. Don't post this kind of videos just for likes and comments.

  21. Was that a rodent ,what was that.
    How much?

  22. Before upload video you need to more study in your list No.1 multiplayer game is missing #FREEFIRE 500+ M Download

  23. After you described fortnite, that was enough to tell me to close this video.

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