FREE Online Game | Avatars/Worlds/Homes/VR | Sansar 2.0 -

FREE Online Game | Avatars/Worlds/Homes/VR | Sansar 2.0

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  1. Awesome video Yorkie!! I've been playing sansar ever since watching your first video about it and I'm loving it ^_^ hope to see ya in there soon xx

  2. This kind of reminds me of second life but better 😆

  3. I like the idea of earning money but this isn't SL so I hate it

  4. Can you show tutorial on land buying and furniture purchasing/decorating?

  5. Love the face cam. You're very attractive. You should definitely do it more.

  6. Hi there and great Tutorial and if you don’t mind me asking you what is your computer specs what type of computer do you have thank you because his game looks great on you it looks great

  7. Do you access it using your PC? I find it kind of weird to use on the PC. I have to research how else can I access it because I like it.

  8. i really hope the sims 5 looks like this. the cartoony look of sims 4 is nice and all but i really want the sims 5 to be much more realistic looking.

    edit: that adjust clothing feature is SO COOL!!! i hope the sims team is taking notes😉

  9. This looks like IMVU, SL and Sims had a baby. That no one paid attention to lol.

  10. My computer won’t support the game but I’ll watch all these videos to fill the void 😢

  11. Your cute! you should totally show your face more often LOL

  12. Im still iffy about Sansar … guess eventualy I will need to try it just to see it for myself. The only thing is that avatars look so awkward and Sansar looks a little boring tbh but we will see maybe when they will have more stuff

  13. I have so many question!! It looks interesting! I wonder is creating more complicated than creating on other virtual sites, like sl and imvu? I’d definitely join and become a creator!

  14. I’m definitely gonna try this out! Looks ace!

  15. Have tried it on Steam but… The Loadings are so much too long !! Don't know what to think about this "game"…
    Beautiful avatar by the way but not as handsome as you…

  16. The character skins textures are just like old second life but enhanced in graphics ofc. LL goes the same roll as SL did. They will let creators makes higher skins textures and sale it for money then next is mesh avatars with skins applier.

  17. I know it was just recently sold but imo Sansar is and always was a huge step back from SL, aside from the lack of the core features that made SL unique they also tried to prioritize the PC VR side of the Market which wouldnt have been bad now but back around 5 years ago it was a terrible idea. And with it being sold recently im not sure if theres any future for Sansar as it was known.

    I do have fond memories of SL though, i met my fiance of 5 years now in there and i used to sell custom modeled, textured and scripted items for some pocket change, my line of scripted drugs took off the most for some reason though lol good memories

  18. I can't play this game till they have my skintone, I'm medium brown and they have such a large jump in between the two browns. Hopefully when they update I'll try it if I remember it exist

  19. my mouth literally dropped when i saw the way you could adjust tge clothing. and i dashed to my computer and started the download. Cant wait to play!

  20. I have problem in voice this game how to fixed please

  21. best part of this video…… when you put the face cam on, yesss lol

  22. Its so annoying that consoles never get these kinda games. Like the janky ones we get are Atom Universe or Nebula Realms bleh

  23. I've seen those hairstyles before. Its on IMVU, Second life and its in Sims now. I doubt they "made" those styles, either its a asset people buy and claim they made it or they just stealing from each other.

  24. Its kinda nice but there isnt enough population for the game, and there isnt enough detail. Yes the character customization is cool, but theres not enough things to do, not enough advertisement to show the games true potential. Things are just missing.

  25. Well this needs 8GB+ ram and I have only 4GB

  26. wow never heard of sansar
    ty so much for this video

  27. Did they end separation? Last time we were seen people in a scene but when you to there nobody was there. It was for all scenes. Friends seemed offline but they were still able tı see or find you!

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