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  1. runescape is shit, its the biggest pile of crap I ever played on… Its got shit graphics, its just boring, I can't believe ppl still play it…

  2. I think when he said 'i bet runescape better than those games', he was basically saying the games suck more than runescape (is that possible?!?)

  3. lol, I see that now 😛

    and yes, it is hard to believe there is a worse game than runescape 😛 …

  4. Also here

  5. if it isnt then i made a new word call "stupidest" =) hope u guys like the word that i made

  6. i like it n u r the most "stupidest" youtube user ever

  7. @toastface5 runescape used to be fucking awesome, graphics arnt everything, look at wow. world of warcraft graphics are horrible compared to most modern games yet its the best mmo out there. runescape has almost endless hours of gameplay you just have to be a member to enjoy it

  8. @toastface5 actually…runescape got better now…they made the graphics less pixels…. u can try to play it once and try to LOOK AGAIN before u post bad comments about runescape…

  9. Requiem is a good game but… takes time to download and dosent have so much weapons and armour.. 🙂 but its better then shitty Runescape

  10. hey you should try Blokus, its amazing. simply write blokus online on google and you'll see the link to play online for free 🙂

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