Free Online Marble Racing Game | Panzer Ball (Northernlion Tries) -

Free Online Marble Racing Game | Panzer Ball (Northernlion Tries)

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Panzer Ball on Steam:

Panzer Ball is a free online multiplayer marble racing game inspired by surf maps. Check it out!

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About this game:

Panzer Ball is a fast-paced 3D platformer inspired by the classic surf and bunnyhop game modes. Jump in and see how fast you can complete the courses in both single and multiplayer.


  1. I used to play an action RPG game like this when i was little, where you controled different coulored balls and each had a diferent abillity and you holded a button to charge a jump/attack. I wish i remember the name of It.

  2. This game needs music but it look oddly watchable BUT BUT BUT extremely butclanching for me 😀

  3. Legitimately never in all my years watching this man been so impressed by NL.

  4. This actually seems pretty evocative of TF2 rocket jump maps.

  5. Having played it a bunch, game is super fun with friends, extremely infuriating, and banter-worthy… long story short, perfect nlss game

  6. I'm already seeing amazing Golden Goblet potential. Best combined time after 10 attempts of a few tracks?

  7. he lost so many times. i think should've gotten i gift sub. wait, it's not that game…

  8. If anyone of you are interested the marble league (marble olympics) is beginning for this year and I highly rate it in place of the Olympics

  9. Something to be said for mechanics based games! I'm way more likely to be bored to death by lore dumps.

  10. Watching the progress from "Where do I go?" to blitzing through at mach 100 was very satisfying

  11. man I want more of these! Time to do 1000 episodes

  12. The most boring video he ever made he said. HAHAHA what a good joke. Truly pogged when he got that 7 sec run.

  13. Batscare put his hand on your head and gave you the DragonBall Z power boost. You transformed in a single instant to a stronger being.

  14. This reminds me more of rocket jumping than surfing.

  15. A marble racing game? AND its free??? How have I not heard of this yet?

  16. when NL brings out the 'Yah, Yah, Yah's you know he's dialing in

  17. Hold up, you don't control your marble in marbles on stream? I've been typing !boost for nothing?

  18. Guys I heard this one dude completed a level in ONE SECOND can you believe that, the total seconds was actually equal to 1 (one)

  19. Golden Goblet game if i've ever seen one. maybe 20-mins to get highest score possible on a certain level?

  20. Esports pro, NorthernMillion loves playing as both spheres and cubes.
    We currently have no data on how he feels about triangular prisms, but I'll update you once we know.

  21. I'm engaged with this content and want to see more

  22. 5:00 You're about to witness the birth of a God level surfer

  23. I feel like this could be a golden goblet game.

    1 map per video, 15 minute timer and whoever gets the fastest time wins. There's probably a better way but I think it could be a lot of fun

  24. 11:19
    "Did we keep the speed?" he asked, 1 second after having come to a complete stop…

  25. A bit like Quake Defrag but without the Quake physics. Considering those take months to learn it's probably a good move for most players. But do look up Defrag World Cup to see where this comes from.

  26. I feel like I can smell potatoes roasting in an oven whenever the marble hits a laser

  27. This is incredibly pog! I definitely want a lets play of this! Think of it as basically spherical Mario.

  28. Wow ok. So TTT prop racing, mixed with CS:GO Surf and Deathrun. Fucking righteous.

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