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  1. ur cam qualitie is so f*ck bad and the games are bad too

  2. play shayia i got addicted already on ultimante level and started 5 weeks ago

  3. you mean age of gayos

    the game is boring as fuck and a grindfest i have never seen before in a game i played.

    its like you have to kill 20 werewolves they give 0,8 % xp at lvl 14 and turning the quest in gives u 1.4% xp

  4. lol in runescape you killed a man why…? :/

  5. wow, to get that good and so many different games. U have no life

  6. why does frkn kurea have so many

    mmorpg games in 3-D

  7. @copcoola don't cuss me. I am entitled to my opinion because I live in the UNITED STATES and have freedom of speech, so go back to Sweden and eat cheese assclown.

  8. @copcoola For your information I am not a kid I am an adult who happens to be a systems security information technologist so stop bothering me.

  9. @copcoola Look I said to stop harassing me didn't I? Now I am forced to report your account to youtube for harassment. Have a nice day troll.

  10. shit……..GTA……only 5 yr old kid play that

  11. @dioho12 : Lol, probably cause you suck at it? Bet that you never got a skill past 70, or ever became a member. If you haven't fully tried out the game, i wouldn't rant about it.

    I thought Runescape was boring too, i made my account in 06 and quit it. I didn't really understand the game. about 3 years later, I came back, this time knowing what I am doing and i pretty much like it.

  12. if you call runescape a noob game then why pay real life money for membership?

  13. @drtkr1995 : You have bad taste, bet the games you play are never heard of.

  14. @RSEmptyWallz dude runescape is the gayest game any person has ever played

  15. @drtkr1995 : then why is it one of the top mmorpgs? get real dude.

  16. @RSEmptyWallz ok watever its a fucking free world your opinion is ure opinion so no need to reply this cause its just a world of opinions but all im saying is runescape has
    1.bad graphics
    2.bad gameplay
    3.unfair pvp
    4.bad graphics
    5.and finaly its for ppl who ither are waiting for a game to finish patch up or ppl who just trying it out but hey its my opinion so no need to act like ure pmsing and dude if i can drive my girl to work then i cant be a kid so plz dont reply i got to much sht :=)

  17. Did you even think to do research? GTA isn't an mmo, at all. Dumbass

  18. YES another Noob runescape player omg i love u :))

  19. xxaxaxaxaxa you are so funny how old are you to play samp?

  20. A DMC ( DevilMayCry) MMORPG where you can create and costum everything on your Character would be ownage

  21. @pokemonhackerman dumb ass it was gone on the major update sin 2008

  22. @pokemonhackerman cause runscape IS a noob game. the game is boring a shit. if thats not enough it doesnt even look good. if thats not enough the combat is gay. if THATS not enough the game has no real story. the elements of a good game dont exist in runescape. therefore it isnt a good game. enjoy being faceless.

  23. @DoUbLeH9 the combat system would be like ghost X.

  24. @Xepter1000 what do you mean? a ghost, a ghost as in everyone would die instantly by other mo'fuckers that are TOO leveled up?

  25. @pokemonhackerman because i dont Find it Cool Game also
    World of warcraft Owned all the MMorpg Games but its Costly

  26. @Alikiller421 ofc you dont…cuz you are nooob -.-

  27. lol you say Runescape noob game because you dont know how to play it…

  28. Games listed here and I have:
    – Runescape (Why do you call it noob game? Also it's browser online so I play it rarely.)

  29. @bagolic yea fuck you gta san andreas is awesome i think the only game u play runescape!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. the games are gay, the music is gay, you are gay!(Y)

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