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0:00 – Intro

Paragon: The Overprime Cancelled – 0:54

Unicorn Overlord Demo Out NOW – 5:25

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  1. Nooo I was really looking forward to overprime for ps5 omg lame asf bro

  2. Channel has been crushing. You provide great content at a pace that hits the mark.

  3. Channel has been crushing. You provide great content at a pace that hits the mark.

  4. Didn't like the automatic battle feel in unicorn, liked everything else though good potential

  5. Paragon cancelled again… have they finally understood this game won’t work or are we gonna see paragon the overprime overprimed? Like come on now

  6. for anyone hoping for paragon there still a chance, The overprime was one of 3 paragon witch was one of the worst in my oponion. Felt more like a hero shooter then anything, if anyone is intrested look up the paragon game Predecessor felt more like the orignal and i believe it made on the unreal 5 engion. Thats the only hope for this game IP right now.

  7. Darn Paragon was ended again?!? That's crazy, the 1st one was killed because Epic wanted to put more resources into the juggernaut that was becoming Fortnite and given how profitable that has been can't say I blame them. Sucks for the team though and fans of Paragon. I think it would have did well on ps5 given aside from Smite there aren't many action MOBAs on the platform.

  8. I plan on getting this but idk if i will get it on release because of FF7Rebirth but i might. I really enjoyed the Demo. I wanna play more of it for sure.

  9. I'm just finishing p3r and that demo for unicorn overload last 8 hours and summer we got elden ring dlc and the new trails game 😅

  10. Man, hearing about paragon breaks my heart

  11. Roblox should be cancelled as square not x on some stuff and buttons don't work not sure why console didn't get ready or not shame

  12. Kind of looking forward to FF7 Rebirth right now because for the last three hours I've been trying to defeat the final boss in Plague Tale innocence and failing horribly almost frustrated enough to skip the final boss and move onto Requiem, lol

  13. Unicorn overlords demo is sooo damn good will be buying it

  14. Def picking up both Rebirth and Overlord

  15. Isnt paragon just lame? Like out of all the mobas what's good about it? Gigantic is just a way better game

  16. not the least bit interested in ff7, now, Vanillaware, that's my bag

  17. To anyone wondering paragon the overprime was basically a lazy Asian dev cash grab and nothing more

    It was clunky unbalanced and nothing like the OG Paragon but if you want a Paragon successor I'd suggest you try out predecessor

    it's still early days but it's polished and the devs actually care about making a good MOBA and not just a flashy MTX skin cash cow so go support them if you want Paragon to live on

  18. Well overprime had competition with predecessor and predecessor just has the better game.

  19. Unicorn Overlord looks like a damn good time for me. FF7R will eat my time, yes, but this will likely find its way into my game rotation

  20. Just to be clear, there are lots of Paragon remakes since Epic gave out the models for free to anyone who wishes to use them. It was destined that only really one remake was going to survive. In terms of Predecessor, I haven't been able to try it since they had that whole scam thing on steam where you could only buy it as a paid currency bundle and if you did you would not be eligible for a full refund.

  21. My favorite channel for gaming news and deals.

  22. paragon cancelled ? you must be kidding me.

  23. Gotta love you clearly know nobody cares for this game so you put a first decendent thumbnail

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