FREE Spider-man Quest 2 VR Game! -

FREE Spider-man Quest 2 VR Game!

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Today on BMFVR let’s talk Spider-man VR. Specifically a Spider-man Quest 2 VR game. Want to check out this Spider-man Quest 2 game? Head right here –

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  1. I'm trying to find this game but I'm not finding it anywhere. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  2. looking at this, then looking at Star Wars Squadrons…. its quite disappointing to say the least.

  3. Couldn't pull up this game on my Quest 2 how do I down load it?

  4. BMFVR, God does not like you playing in VR. Just saying.

  5. Really disappointed in the way this game’s rendered on the Quest 2. Really glitchy especially when swinging on the helicopter.

  6. If you need a pc you should put that in the title bro. It's not a quest 2 game obviously 🙄 . . So why say it's for the quest 2 .

  7. I love this game so much. It is hard but I'm really good at it now and it's hard to watch someone that doesn't know how tonplay is is know you must learn! You have to tug yourself and thorw yourself with the web exactly like how Peter teaches Miles in The Spiderverse! Web and pull down hard, and it zis you up. You can do it way easier then it used to be too do to the movement update. Love your upbeat attitude and you content man!❤🌌🧠🎨

  8. Is this really on Quest 2. I can't find it in VR Chat. Looks cool though

  9. His reaction to the buggy jump is priceless

  10. This is not a seperate game by all means folks. This is a world in VRChat. It's playable on PCVR, Quest, and PC Desktop. While there are mini games such as the Pizza Time games, the arcade games, pool table, drivable carts, and graffiti wall, this world is more of a hangout world. You can swing using proper physics and climb walls or people and customize quite a lot with the time of day and web colors. It's really fun and I'm glad you spent some time checking it out ^^

  11. Hoping the swinging works like in Swarm – that’s the perfect template for spiderman swinging.

  12. Will be on my headset asap to get this. Looks brilliant fun

  13. Omg didn’t know this wasn’t on VRCHAT….

  14. If you look at the blimp my name is on it and so will urs if u join the spider lair patreon

  15. Hey! Glad to see you enjoying our world! Thanks for playing The Spider-Lair!

  16. You should go to one of the spectacular saturdays the inv is in the discord

  17. Those names on the blimp in the sky are people who have supported the creator through patreon, and I'm actually on there too!

  18. Glad this game is getting more attention lol

  19. Can anyone PLEASE tell me how I can add this to my Quest 2?
    Also, can we no longer search for apps on the Oculus Android mobile app? The search magnifier does not launch a keyboard with which to type. It only shows old search items. And finally, can my library no longer be viewed from the oculus Android app on my phone.
    I'm 66 and let my grandson hold my quest 2. Have I missed a change in how the Oculus mobile app functions? 🤔
    UPDATE! I reinstalled the Oculus er Meta app and now it's working Fine. 👍🏽

  20. I remember you playing the spider man vr website

  21. I have played it and even made it my home bc the people just annoy me but its the best map put there

  22. It takes very little to keep you entertained …

  23. How come when i select a suit mine looks different from yours

  24. Resist VR has better swinging in my opinion. The Swinging mechanics that this game uses would work a lot better if the map and Building sizes were bigger

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