Free To Play Games That Changed My Life //skylent -

Free To Play Games That Changed My Life //skylent

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Free To Play Games That Changed My Life //skylent

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  1. RuneScape back in 2008 omg man you have no idea I still play to this day with my brother and sisters kids teaching them how to play lol I am 27.

    I play smite almost every day it’s amazing there is nothing like it me and all my friends love it never got into a moba until smite.

  2. I remember playing Combat Arms when I was a child. That was my first experience with multiplayer games

  3. Gunz the duel really seems like s4 league tbh. Correct me if i'm wrong

  4. thanks for the Smite thoughts – I was thinking about trying it, now I surely will

  5. man i miss APB
    edit GUZ the duel ?!?!?
    wtf you played that game man ?
    shit gunz memories lol

  6. Gunz is still the only game where I felt my TECHNICAL SKILL on a keyboard actually was the major difference in skill. No game has had me enjoy a skill gap in the same way. I have yet to enjoy a game the same way I did Gunz the Duel

  7. Feels like roblox is on all of your lists haha but if you like it all the power to you bro GGs

  8. I could probably talk your ear off on Gunz. Kstyle, estyle, shotguns vs revolvers, the p2w aspects, the private servers having more content than the NA version, instakills, the networking, and the sequel, which tried to turn bugs into a mechanic.. a nerfed mechanic, which led to its downfall.

    Every person I brought into that game ended up giving up pretty shortly though, skill ceiling was too high for anyone not a tryhard after a certain point.

    Imagine making a game that's competitive difficulty hinders growth, while trying to casualize it in the sequel, upsetting the community that was there. A sad state of affairs, and a no win scenario.

  9. Waiting for an alternative moba to heroes of the storm on pc that doesn't take one hour to make 1 game. Meanwhile, sadly, I will stick to mobile mobas

  10. the original half life to me, is everything u said about quake live

  11. to you changed your life to me that all games changed to delete it

  12. Searching roblox games???
    Think roblox is for kids???
    Play project lazarus ,unit classified recoil zombies, hell reaver

  13. lol someone telling me to grow up while praising roblox. you're a dipshit lol

  14. They got a bot on steam pretending to be you and trying to scam people. using your channel name

  15. Didn't expect Roblox on here but I have to agree. Played it a ton recently for the first time and its really something fresh, so many experimental games, and even high quality ones.

  16. For me, the FP2 games I have fondest memories of are: Lunia, GunZ, Drift City, Maplestory, Bots Evolution, Runescape, Gunbound, Silkroad, Poxnora, Pristontale, Pirate King Online, 2moons

    They don't make F2P games like these no more, no cap

  17. Honestly the equivalent of Gunz today is Fortnite. Instead of butterfly they have building. I don't like Fornite, loved Gunz, but it kinda has the same appeal except no wall running and such

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