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Welcome to Einar! Einar is a viking game where you are tasked to dispatch the inhabitants of a Norse village who have been infected with some mysterious material.
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Einar Game Overview:
The player takes on the role of Einar, who is on a quest to remove the inhabitants of a Norse fishing village who are infected by a mysterious material. Use different items such as the bow, hammer and axe to clear the village of the monsters.

Einar is a single-player 3rd persongame based on Norse mythology.

-Intense combat featuring three different items and enemy types.
-Beautiful environments and lighting inspired by real-life landscapes.
-Complex AI which groups and attacks the player from unexpected angles.
-AAA-quality graphics and gameplay.
-Great music


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  1. I played this in Dec of 2017 , it was like a demo it seems that they added more things to it and more detail since then from what i see in this video, maybe they added even more now

  2. If you're gonna make a game called "Viking Simulator" Then at least make it somewhat historically accurate.

  3. upvote if u wanna see entak with a ponytail^^

  4. nice man, downloading it now. thanks for the heads up

  5. When you realise students make better games than real game devs and its free to

  6. once youve beaten that arena, youre through, game complete xD still an amazing project for students tho, plays really smooth once youve figured out the controls

  7. Kinda looks like hellblade to me….pretty cool game and the cut scenes are awesome and integrated into the play without an actual jump.

  8. Yaaa it's sweet. Btw. lava zombie/ghoul and Orc/ish flammming lava dude? Welcome to Schvarzalfheim (one of the world from nordic mithology).
    (Yaaa I know my post is late. Yaaa somebody from Subs and squad have to go to work).

  9. So what's the name of the game?

  10. i played the game and finished the beta took me 5minutes, and it says it was created by a school of game developers or something like that, so i guess we wont see the completion of this game anytime soon.I kinda got into it

  11. I played this game, until the arena part. That shits hard

  12. some say its a rip off but if students made the game they might be a fan of god of war and btw its very impressive

  13. dude this is pretty groovy, cuz my name is Einar

  14. This sucked, thats it??? it was good cameras, footage computer controls not bad i had no problem. but hat a rip off.

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