Free To Play Weekly – H1Z1, S2 Games, Phantasy Star Online 2 (ep.139) -

Free To Play Weekly – H1Z1, S2 Games, Phantasy Star Online 2 (ep.139)

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SOE makes some changes to H1Z1’s early game scavenging, Major Layoffs Hit Strife Developer S2 Games, Phantasy Star Online is still on its way to North America, Riot is redoing League of Legends lore and more on this week’s episode of the Free-to-Play weekly!

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News Timestamps:

00:23 S2 Games confirms large portion of development team lay offs.
01:46 Nimbly Games’ Altitude is now completely free.
02:30 SOE makes some changes to H1Z1’s early game scavenging.
04:25 Phantasy Star Online still on its way to North America.
05:10 Riot redoes League of Legends lore.
07:02 GOTW – Arena: Cyber Evolution


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  1. As a SEA player PSO2 suck just saying, it not worth the wait

  2. I will wait forever for pso2 but I hope it's soon 😛

  3. If Phantasy Star Online 2 comes to America I hope it comes to the Vita as well.

  4. None cares about League of Legends champions, because they are just copies of Heroes of the storm heroes….Same goes for Dota 2 ones…especially how bad they look since Valve tried to make them look different than Warcraft III's skin, yet looking similar…ugly.

  5. What could Riot do with LoL lore and such? Alot.
    What will Riot do with LoL lore and such? Shit.

  6. Phantasy Star Online 2s hype is burning out. Why sega is doing this? I really dont know, but its causing them to take measures in region locking the game. I can still see a lot of people playing when its released but the fan patch and reviews arent making the game appealing anymore. 

  7. Im still waitng for PSO2…..after all these years xD

  8. Still no REAL date for PSO2? Ok then. Move to fucking Europe just to play the damn game xD (nothing wrong with Europe or anything thing but…)

  9. PSO2 still coming huh? sorry but until they annouce an official alpha or beta, i still consider the idea, of making it to the west, a fairy tale!

  10. so over hearing about Moba's all the time. LoL and Dota 2 fine, but all these so called "new Moba's" are just the same to me..

  11. Fk yea. PSO2 Sooner the better (a few years ago would have been much preferred)

  12. even if pso2 does come 2 the us it will suck being so far behind shit we might not even have the braver class let alone bouncer i dont kno if i could even play it without those classes 

  13. no im still exsited for phantasy start online 2 i think this is wut the ps veta need to become big as a mmo devloper my self this wold also show wester devloper how powfer the consel is 

  14. Phantasy Star Online 2? Released in NA? Fuq dat noise.

  15. Not exactly sure why are the USfags crying about not having PSO2 on US even. Just download the main client from the Japanese site and slap on the fan translation patch. 

  16. ACE is dead you will only play vs bots because no one play it

  17. Want to play PSO2?
    Go play it on JP. 
    As someone who has played both in JP and out (SEA), I can more or less confirm it will not be a very rewarding experience.
    JP has an EXCELLENT translator and entire forums worth of decent players.
    JP also gets all the best updates quickly. (for obvious reasons)
    You, however, get to sit on the sidelines and watch. >:

    As with many mmorpgs, you'll spend a lot of time grinding out maps for gear sooner than there is a new content update.
    80% of the gameplay involves sitting in a lobby and chatting. (this is generally what most pso2 veterans call the endgame)

    p.s. pso2 is VERY pay-4-convenience. Usually keeping hold of the things you find is hard with limited storage unless you buy it. (with cash)
    You can't sell items to the market without cash access. (you can, but, it's based on RNG there and it's fairly limited)

  18. don't know what a Phantasy Star is but it looks like an Action Based MMO (best type of MMO) so i will like to play it.

  19. I think everyone gave up for the official English release of Phantasy Star Online 2 and just went on to play on the Japanese servers using English patches. which by the way, is done very well to the point of auto-updating them for you when you start the game.

    We was told by SEGA they were: "Working on it." two or more years ago. I'll believe them when they actually bring it out… five years from now.

  20. Funny H1Z1 is heading towards being paid for not free ?

  21. yeah, Sega has treated us like shit when it comes to PSO2, not only delaying something we know is never gonna happen (which makes the delay the more redundant), but in the end, IP blocking pretty much 80% of its player base outside of japan, that always have to resource to rocket science to find workarounds to keep playing.

    I struggled to even become a costumer, since all the payment methods were utter rubbish, and when i finally got premium (after 2 years playing), not even 3 days later, DDOS attack, IP block, and byebye eversince, and that happened to a lot of ppl…can't be bothered anymore…With the japanese version.

    But what truly boggles my mind is…if its f2p, and is cool as it actually is, why the fuck isnt the game on steam,since like…2 years ago? seriously…We like the game, but we like the ppl behind it so little, after all the shit they've been throwing at us.

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