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Free Unlimited Hidden Object Games

samuil battor
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Enjoy playing interesting Hidden Object Games. Search different items at the screen using given names and object descriptions. The objects are somewhere in the game screen. Hidden object games are a great opportunity to try your skills for concentration and focus. They are fun and very educational, and also appropriate for players of all ages.


  1. i try searching some game where you can fishing and build fish factory with hidden object minigames i remember, i play that on facebook but i can't find it anymorei remember the game has fishing thing as icon game can you guess what game is it i try search it for a lomg time

  2. 0:22 can u please tell the name of that game I have been searching for it for years it is an old game of my childhood

  3. Please tell me this game name 🙏🙏🙏

  4. I can find the one I'm looking for it was like a thrift store and a party store and Las Vegas, but I can't remember name

  5. does anyone of u know the name of a hidden object game where there were beetles in it, if I remember correctly lmao

  6. I was looking for a game its a hidding object game in a white house
    And you have to feet a dog to get a hint and the last level there was a dor made of gold and crystal circles you need to match the sound anyone remember

  7. @Umm @samuil battor, so where are they?

  8. uploaded without saying the name of the game is nothing

  9. I remember a hidden object game that there was a desert. Can someone find it for me?

  10. Yo I'm looking for one I played as a kid. Keywords: ship, underwater submarine, aquarium.

  11. Im looking my old game, i remember the beginning story, a plane crash and i have to survive in the forest, i also remember that there was like an aztec building or some ruins.

  12. There's a game I'm looking for, I was playing it from 2013-2015 and then forgot about it. The game icon from the outside was a green circle with a drawing similar to the letter V

    The game is about collecting pieces of art and then turning them into a single piece like the Mona Lisa painting, things related to Einstein, etc..

    Do you know her name ?

  13. You might consider removing videos that are pretty much useless now

  14. theres also a game that I am looking for in which you have to objects and at the end of every stage a pumpkin head comes and kills people and there photo frames are hanged on a tree later

  15. I am looking for agame that a daughter find her father

  16. A hidden object game that I forgot the name of. The description I can probably give is an infinity symbol in each case and it was a long time ago around 2012-2015 (Windows), Does anyone know the name of the game? I would be very grateful if someone found the game.

  17. Does anyone remember a game which had a lot goblets to find 😢

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