FREE VR Games for Quest 2 you NEED to Try (+ SteamVR) -

FREE VR Games for Quest 2 you NEED to Try (+ SteamVR)

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I think we’re all feelin the VR content draught, but I’ve been digging for some games that are awesome, but won’t destroy your wallet
Here are some of the best FREE VR applications I have found. Of course I added VRChat and RecRoom, both things you can live in forever- but there’s about 17 other ones that are simply awesome. This video actually took LONGER than I expected because i was too busy playing them, SO! Go play some free VR Games, all you have to lose is time.

A lot of these games are either free on SteamVR or are on Oculus App Lab- available for Quest 2, but some of them are straight up store games. All you have to do is search for them! No sideloading needed.






03:49 The Free Games- Finally
12:24 Did I miss any?

Links for all of the games:
Rec Room


Gorilla Tag


Battle Talent

Pavlov Shack


Gun Raiders

Open Brush

Gravity Sketch

Moon Rider

Kizuna AI


Ancient Dungeon

Mission ISS

Goliath: Playing With Reality

Echo VR



Gym Class Basketball

Tea For God


  1. there is a demo version of minecraft gearbox edition for free
    im not sure if its there now but it was there 2 years ago

  2. I remember playing Goliath I balled my eyes out for a good 3 minutes after words lol

  3. Vrchat isnt a good game cause well theres 2 year olds that swear at you and at everyone and everyone is sus there so i dont recommend it (its my opinion so dont hate)

  4. How do you get mission iss it doesn’t pop up

  5. battle talent is something else. it is so fun and I highly recommend you play it if you have a vr

  6. I didn't know you play gorilla tag Thats cool

  7. Bro you need to try blacktop hoops if you think gym class is the best.

  8. Hello thrillseeker I'm getting ready to buy a oculus quest two and I was wondering if for you to download any games do you have to have a PC or can you download games wired/wireless off of your phone or is there a app on the oculus that you can download them on?

  9. GRAB (App lab)
    Graphically simple game that is solely focused on climbing. Has multiplayer and an editor.

  10. You didn’t talk about the Nine year olds screaming the N word in G tag

  11. I played Mission ISS even before i saw this video. I downloaded it when my internet wasn't feeling up to it for that day and i needed some time to kill. At first it took me a while to get immersed but the more I floated around the space station, the more i was just able to take in everything around me and zone out. And that spacewalk mode, man. Astrophobia fucking sucks as someone who's fascinated by space, but when i was just there, floating around in the cold expanse, that was genuinely the highlight of my week. So good.

  12. In recroom I went into a lobby and there was just a kid swearing at people for no reason I bet you he thought he was so cool 😂

  13. I used to really like vr chat but I can’t like it now because it’s become too laggy for my headset and it always crashes my entire headset

  14. There is a game that I think is the best and funnest app lab game it’s called wadality and I have made 5 or 7 new friend in the first 2 days and I think that it is one of if not the funnest vr game that exists.

  15. This is just my personal opinion, but goliath is boring and doesn't seem to have a point other than looking at cool effects. Don't hate me, this is just my opinion.

  16. I’d play more vr chat but it eats my power normally I can play for about 2 hours straight but when playing vr chat its only like 30 minutes

  17. Ancient dungeon reminds me of Ultima 2 (I think) Underworld. Gonna have to give this a try.

  18. Update: Ancient Dungeon is now 20$ 🙁 but still an amazingly fun game

  19. MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Lmao Mission: ISS was the first game I played and I was sick af for about a hour

  21. Cards and tankards best game ever and free

  22. dude i just fell in LOVE with battle talent. thank you so muchhh

  23. Notice how Horizon worlds isn't on this list

  24. So cool. I think I'll try it besides playing Defi Warrior game

  25. One game I suggest is Gods of gravity, free, fun, (very) competitive and very unique. It is multiplayer with voice chat. I don't know how to explain the game but you can try it and see for yourselves.

  26. How can they be free if they cost time and time is money

  27. I’m happy that this is the first video I’ve seen that hasn’t talked about vrchat as being the ultimate thot simulator with maximum cpu usage on jiggle physics and to leave your girlfriend for the game. Really, it never put a good name on vrchat for you.

  28. Are there any that I missed? All of these games are ABSOLUTE Bangers. This video took me longer to make than I expected because I was playing them too much. No joke.
    Join in my discord to hang out and be on the cutting edge of VR:
    Outro music:

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