Freelancer Online 2020 GAME UPDATE! Free to Play! -

Freelancer Online 2020 GAME UPDATE! Free to Play!

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“Freelancer is a space trading and combat simulation video game developed by Digital Anvil and published by Microsoft Game Studios. It is a chronological sequel to Digital Anvil’s Starlancer, a combat flight simulator released in 2000. The game was initially announced by Chris Roberts in 1999, and following many production schedule mishaps and a buyout of Digital Anvil by Microsoft, it was eventually released in March 2003.

In the game, players take on the roles of spacecraft pilots. These characters fly single-seat ships, exploring the planets and space stations of 48 known star systems. They also engage in dogfights with other pilots (player- and computer-controlled) to protect traders or engage in piracy themselves. Other player activities include bounty-hunting and commodity trading. The single-player mode puts the player in the role of Edison Trent, who goes through a series of missions to save the Sirius sector from a mysterious alien force. In multiplayer mode, players are free to take on any role and to explore anywhere from the start.

Freelancer was abandoned by Microsoft in April 2008 and shut down their global server which managed the list of multiplayer servers and the connection of players to them.

Communities of Freelancer players banded together to produce modified versions of the game. They also worked around the loss of the global server, allowing players to host the modified games on their servers thus continuing the multiplayer online gaming world of Freelancer.” – Wikipedia

You can get started here:

What are your comments about this game? If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments down below…

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  1. Hey, just subscribed to your channel and liked the video, wondering if you've still got the link for the game? 🙂

  2. i got a message when i try to start the multiplayer for the first time that i need an account ID. what is it and what should i do??

  3. Sup Gunny! I have subbed, thanks allot for posting this video. I missed this game so much! Looking forward joining you guys.

  4. Please help me
    I'm looking for freelancer the game, the mods don't work without the game

  5. They still havent come up with an open world space shooter to par with this game. If anyone knows of one let me know.

  6. Our server is gone, but there are still many other multiplayer servers available once you install the new updated client included with the download.

  7. just gave you a sub and would love to play this game again but idk how or where to get it

  8. I got lost. I want to play this again. Is there a link just for the "vanilla" vers? Also I subscribed some time ago so I can get the access the server?

    PS Help

  9. PVP is won when the other team has to leave! Then came the modded dreadnoughts and a pirate life no more.

  10. Can you get online still used love this game

  11. Hey man, u still sending out links? Been wanting to play this again, just didn't know where to get it. Cheers

  12. Freelancer!! God, ever since this game came out I've played the hell out of the story trying different things. Modded it. Had Lan parties with it. So much fun. Been on a hunt to find one similar in today's games. And they all are missing a certain quality that Freelancer has. It was awesome in it's simplistic way which made it perfect for all the mods to make it how you wanted it. I miss it.

  13. I really a long time ago I hope there will the 2nd part of this game I want to see some more cool stuf in it .

  14. Subscribed, would appreciate the link, miss this game, discord link expired

  15. I subscribed for freelancer. Honestly one of the most fun games i have ever played. Can't wait to play it again

  16. So glad I finally found something like this! Just subscribed!

  17. Hey I subscribed, can you sned me the link please?

  18. Glad my disc still works. Just fired it up yesterday with crossfire mod in Singleplayer

  19. It is such a great game. I played it like 10 years ago. Good to see somebody else caring about it.

  20. I subscribe please send me a link to discord

  21. how do you download this game . the cd i own doesnt work anymore . help

  22. OMG I played Freelancer years ago. I'm so happy you can still play the game. I will get on Discord and see if I can get the link to dl the game. I subscribed to your channel. WOW

  23. WOW, man i loved wing commander and later privateer and finally freelancer.. I waited for something in that dirrection to happen. I played eve online but its not what i wanted. I need freelancer, and here it is.. thanks i did not know it existed.. I just searched for a video of old game, and here is a new one i did not know about.. Thanks!

  24. Freelancer best game ever, best than gta5, dbd, civilization…

  25. I remember playing this game all the way back then. I also remember playing it with the mod 88 Flack, which among other things, made your transit drive much faster, but removed all of the fast travel lanes. It made the game a faaaar different experience.

  26. cant join your discord or find your server. is it dead?

  27. It‘s the best game i ever played on online, 13 years ago there was factions with Pirates, Traders, Police, Nomads IT was so great, i was in Pirate Factions with all my friends and we had a epic Fight between 2 Pirates faction and Police for a Tradeline until Server Crash…

  28. Subscribed please send link to download Freelancer

  29. Its a true SHAME I cant get this o steam. I would buy this in a heart beat!

  30. @Sergeant Gunn Gaming
    i had playing this game when i was 14 or 15 age im completely remember all the place i've been through.
    so now i download this game again and enjoy solo, but multiplay i haven't been enter there i just need acount id to enter how to find it? plz help, also plz try ur discord link without time limited when it discord link is off the time limited

  31. I get "Invite Expired"? can the link be re-shared please?

  32. Ayy!! This was my favourite game as a 13 year old 🙂 Thanks for uploading this bro. Nostalgic <3

  33. I had a Titan Ship with Nomad Cannons 😎⚡️🤙

  34. Uploaded 4 years ago and says 2020 update in the title. . . Seems legitimate. Ha ha ha

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