Fun online activity for students | Spin the wheel Game | How to create wheel in simple steps -

Fun online activity for students | Spin the wheel Game | How to create wheel in simple steps

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If you area teacher taking online class – any level – you are going to love this fun online activity for students. Spin the wheel and spin the names. Spin the wheel game – Use it for fun or use it for teaching, use it to randomly distribute projects or topics or simply random selection of names of students. It’s a customizable randomizer which is way more than just name selections.
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  1. U r just amazing👌👌👌👌👌👍 really i mean it🙌just amazing

  2. Thanks ma'am, will try to use this too. I'm already using wheel in my classes for various activities, created it in PowerPoint 🙂

  3. Awesome video..thanku so much!can u guide how we can present this while class is going on in Google meet?

  4. Can we prepare the list of the name before the class?

  5. Thanks 👍
    Please share a video how to work with nearpod.
    Will be very helpful.

  6. Excellent idea!!! Keep creating beautiful videos…. 👍👍👍👍

  7. i want to create it to collect data of my clints
    how its possible
    is ther any way to build the game ?

  8. Can u pls show effective feedback ways online ..

  9. very nice.. if you cud just tell me how to share this in an online class.. can we create it before and present it? how?

  10. You are rock mam your all videos are very helpful specially for teachers 🙏👍 keep it up👍

  11. Very intresting tool for online classes. Is it possible in a mobile ?Will it be shared in zoom classes?

  12. I request to u please give more idea to pre- primary kids

  13. I am following almost all the teaching activities you do. This spinning wheel is awesome. As we are looking for new tools, it really fulfil that. Thankyou mam.

  14. Awesome works…ur all videos are very innovative… essay…. and helpful for us…all the best 👍💐.. thank you mam 🙏

  15. Thankyou Mam. I will definitely try. May I know your name pls

  16. Marvellous ma'am I will definitely use this for my primary kids🤗🤗

  17. Sketch a teaching learning scene from a gurukul set up and a futuristic classroom. (The Fun They Had)?

  18. Oh! Thank you mam…
    Tomorrow is my social hour and I'm hosting the game …. Thank you thank you so much.
    Hope all are doing well and staying safe!

  19. Wow! Very interesting…I will use this tool in my next class.

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