Fun online games to play with friends! -

Fun online games to play with friends!

Brittany Tran
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Bored? Want to hang out with your friends? In this video, I give you guys ideas of online games to play with friends that are (for the most part) free!

+ Jackbox
+ Codenames online

+ Catan Universe (on Steam)
+ (better website for free 4 player Settlers)

+ Steam
+ Telestrations online

+ Tabletopia
+ Huge online board game repository

+ Astral Projection by ASTRON
Music by ASTRON – Astral Projection –

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+ My name is Brittany and I’m a lawyer living life in the Bay Area. I love showing you guys what my life is like here in the Bay Area and what delicious places there are to eat and what fun things there are to do. Your support means the world to me 🙂

Experience the Bay Area through my lens.

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  1. I wanna play with U, Boo 💕😘💋🥰

  2. Thank you! I was waiting for this video ☺️

  3. Great video, Brittany! Can't wait to try out these games with family and friends!

  4. Yes, I have just started exploring board games online as well. I found board game arena to be my favourite so far….. PS, I am not affiliated with Board Game Arena in any way shape or form 🙂

  5. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you, Brittany. Greetings from Prague!! ✌👋 Stay safe.

  6. 👍👍👍👍👍

  7. Really great vid. Thanks! I think we're in a really unique time nowadays that allows us all to maximize the tools around us. Everyone's inside. Everyone's looking for something neat to do. (We see this from our angle all the time)

  8. I wanna do a virtual game night. How does sharing screen work

  9. I don't want your face, i want the games

  10. what happens when you only have one friend-

  11. Jackbox is a free game

    10 seconds later “you have to purchase it”

  12. Me and my friend were sooooooooooo board and now we are laughing and having so much fun

  13. Codenames has an official online version too!

  14. Thank you, there were some really good suggestions. I'm looking for games to play with my family remotely during the holidays and we'll be trying a couple of the ones you mentioned. Regarding Tabletopia, it's very cool but many of the games have no automation, so you have to set up all the pieces virtually as if you were setting up a board game in person, which can be tricky depending on how complex the game is. We played Scythe on Tabletopia and the play time was about twice what it is when we play in person because we kept dropping cards or accidentally putting things in the wrong place.

  15. We play online games together and record gameplay! Our games include Rocket League, For Honor, and classic Call of Duty. Just a handful more of suggestions for console gaming 🙂

  16. Thank you so much i play with my friend :D!

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