Fun Online Ice-breaker Games - ID Numbers Virtual Name Game for Zoom Calls -

Fun Online Ice-breaker Games – ID Numbers Virtual Name Game for Zoom Calls

Mark Collard
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This video features a really fun & simple icebreaker game you can use to invite your virtual participants to interact & engage, as demonstrated as part of a longer training webinar. The game ID Numbers is drawn from playmeo’s online database of fun, interactive group games & activities. It is just one of 100s of ice-breakers, energisers, trust-building exercises & team-building activities you can access in the palm of your hand.




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playmeo creates simple, yet powerful training workshops & resources that help people connect. It’s where the best teachers and trainers in the world get their games. Founded by Mark Collard, one of the world’s most respected and experienced experiential trainers.

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  1. This is a great exercise idea, thank you for sharing!

  2. I’m late to the party. Are these games linked on your website?

  3. Great idea, please share more game that we can play online. Thank you

  4. Thanks Mark. I am using Playmeo games in my Training Programs. Respect from India.

  5. When will the next class be started can anybody let me know

  6. Umm… I looked at this as a trainer but I think that this is a bit iffy to have in a public or shared space that others can see because of identity theft issues. Aren’t these the very things that people look for? DOB, marital status, address, etc? 🤔I might specify using funny or unusual things— not number of children and ages, or street address or dob. Maybe times you have run a marathon, or number of pets or # of books read in quarantine or something less likely to compromise security?

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