Get 2 New PS5 FREE GAMES Now and HUGE Free Game Trial on PSN -

Get 2 New PS5 FREE GAMES Now and HUGE Free Game Trial on PSN

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Awesome Free Trial – 0:10

Free PS5 Game / Upgrade – 4:25

New Free PS4/PS5 Beta – 6:49

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  1. Got it for $10 and played it without any patches on my friends launch day ps4 just to see how jank it was. Played it ps5 later and it was great

  2. I took advantage of Cyberpunk 2077 when the PS4 version was down to $10 in Walmart……glad I did, because the PS5 patch released a month later, and the price of the base game jumped right back up after that.
    Great game!

  3. Wow a free trial to a 4 year old game lol

  4. LOL if you don't own cyberpunk at this point I don't know what to say 😂

  5. I'm gonna have to uninstall gta then I'll give Cyberpunk a try.
    I always wanted to play it even when it had bugs😅

  6. It's $30 on steam. I have it on PS5 but I want it on steam deck I don't really play the ps5 anymore.

  7. Have Predecessor pve mode too or is this only pvp

  8. ITS MY BIRTHDAY AND PARAGON IS BACK! You guys don't understand how happy i am right now 😊😁

  9. How bout you give me the damn DLC for 50% off and OI’ll buy it

  10. Took a shot everytime you said CyberPunk2077 & I am currently dead 😂

  11. What do you guys think of Paragon? By the time i found out it i wasn't able to try it. My friend told me it was amazing though

  12. when was the last time they ACTUALLY gave out a good freebie? because the last time i remember was when they give out subnautica and abzu around the time of covid

  13. I bought the ps4 version of cyberpunk in a pawn shop for $5. Popped it in my ps5, boom cyberpunk on ps5 for $5.
    Check out what your local pawn shops have

  14. Played CP2077 at launch on Series X, freaking loved it. Bought the collectors edition with the statue and all the goodies for PS4 for dirt cheap (like $60) when everyone was still shitting on it, free upgrade for PS5, Platinumed, freaking love it even more. It is fantastic. Phantom Liberty is awesome too.

  15. If dcuo released all their dlc for free all of there fans would return 😂

  16. I bought the ultimate addition 💿 ps5
    It’s a great game , traded in motorfest and got it for 25$

  17. Just wow very wow incredible and amazing 😅

  18. I bought cyberpunk when Best buy was just literally selling them for $10 and a steelbook included

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