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Godzilla – NEW FREE ONLINE GODZILLA GAME – Yet Another Godzilla Game

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Godzilla – NEW FREE ONLINE GODZILLA GAME – Yet Another Godzilla Game
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  1. This Game should have added Extra Cites And Custom Monsters you can buy with points you get i think it will make the game more​ exicting

  2. They see me rolling the heli's hate it 🚁😡

  3. oh no riot will fist fight a rabbit after this video

  4. What is that flag on RIOTs controller? I forgot what flag it is, is it where he lives or something?

  5. there is another free Godzilla game it is called Godzilla diakaiju Battle Royale

  6. riot in 5:50, it is not 1 million, it is one billion, 1 million has 6 zeros and 1 billion has 9 zeros

  7. "Let's get to a million points…" Umm you got over 50 million points or yen… RIP riot doesn't know how money or numbers work.

  8. this reminds me of an attack on Titan game floating around on the internet, the models look similar to the Titans from that game

  9. How many times did he say " I want to get to a million" and when he gets to a billion he says "I got to a million"

  10. when they add the sea emperor in subnautica and maybe the phantom leavithan do a battle of the giants with the reaper,reefback, etc

  11. riot what's the song at the end of your videos?

  12. 7:41 must know the name of dat background OST tho. Downloaded game but it's not in the files or playing in the background when I play it so obviously you edited in. I MUST KNOW THE NAME OF IT PLEASE!!!!!!

  13. this game makes godzilla look like barney😂😂😂

  14. how do i take screenshots of the game and i got 1,800,000

  15. Wanna fist fight a rabbit? fight a Kangaroo.

  16. everynightxRIOT Godzilla if you wathed ghost busters you would know that he kinda looks like the stay puff guy.

  17. everynightxRIOT I like how you said that you wanted to at least get to a million points but at that moment you had 532,286,728 or in other words over 532 million

  18. why has no one made a modern 3d rampage game?

  19. What ever happened to you vs Gaming Beaver in Godzilla. RIOT?

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