Golf Battle (by - free online sports game for Android and iOS - gameplay. -

Golf Battle (by – free online sports game for Android and iOS – gameplay.

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Challenge real players from around the world, and make it to the top.
Gather your friends and play 1v1 or with up to 6 Facebook friends all together.
Super easy controls. Fun & intuitive gameplay.
Beat your opponents to the hole and prove yourself king of the golf course!
Compete & enjoy multiple game modes:
Take your time & relax in Classic mode – get to the hole in the fewest shots possible.
Or race to the hole in the fastest time in super fun Rush mode.
Collect and upgrade awesome clubs and custom balls.
Play, progress & unlock loads of cool levels.
Come on in & join the minigolf putting party!


– Innovative 6-player online multiplayer.
– Play together in real-time with real players across the world.
– Play with your friends. Just with 1, or up to 6 all together!
– Relax and take aim in Classic mode.
– Race ahead in fast & furious Rush mode.
– Simple, intuitive controls. Fun, addicting gameplay.
– Awesome 3d graphics.
– Win prizes & powerful golf gear.
– Unlock & upgrade your clubs.
– Level up and progress through 50+ holes, courses and levels.

Free online game.

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  1. Guys! This is a beta version of 1.0.7

  2. Mini Clip steals your money.

    I used the in app purchases to gain some gold. They never tell you that you need to register with Facebook to keep your gold if you uninstall the game. I Contacted Mini Clip and all they could say is link your account. But what abount the money I already spent and lost due to uninstalling? That's it and no response back after multiple messages. Nowhere in the game do they have warnings of this. Just don't allow people to spend money if not registered!?!

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