How parents think online games work… -

How parents think online games work…

Corey Tonge
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If only parents know how video games actually worked…

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  1. Bro that's not how it works you supposed to fold the dishes

  2. This is more relatable then my little cousin hitting me

  3. I love the little 69's or the 420's he adds in his game vids like the 69 players

  4. Everyone dosent notice that hes wearing headphones whit his hood

  5. Me: playing roblox
    Mom: opens door it's time to eat
    Me:ok luckily Roblox can pause

  6. Hey, Can you clean the dishes?
    Sure, Mom
    Za Warudo!!
    Cleans the dish

  7. Dad:*opens door*clean the dishes
    Me:but I'm in a online game
    Dad:then pause it
    What really happens
    Me:*raging* I got killed

  8. Hahahahahahhaha🤣 shut up😑😳😳🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤛😾😑🦾🌚👐😥

  9. Wow first time anyone enjoyed doing the dishes!

  10. I love when I get a Rare SCAR, it confuses all my teammates

  11. Did I only notice how in the monitor he is playing warzone and now he's in Fortnite

  12. This cap in a way, ur dad is the only one that understands u can’t pause the game but with moms this is so accurate..

  13. “JuSt PuT iT oN PaUsE” shut up dad you cant pause an online game

  14. It's funny that the number of players is a funny number

  15. Oh my god I got it right because I only know that skin let's go

  16. Did anyone notice that the player count is 69

  17. 69 people in the match for the whole time lol

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