How To Create Your Own Kahoot Quiz Game For Free in 2023 -

How To Create Your Own Kahoot Quiz Game For Free in 2023

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Now You Know How To Create Your Own Kahoot Quiz Game For Free in 2023

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  1. I have a question i made my own quiz with alot of questions. Will it gone or stay? I didnt pay the upgrade

  2. thanks man ur awesome😁😁😁😁

  3. May you make video about how to pay kahoot premium?

  4. On mobile you get in for free but when you try to submit it you need to pay :/

  5. I'm able to create, but not able to play it.

  6. Created game is automatically being placed in My Drafts and those cannot be used for free

  7. Finally someone explain how to do it i have searching for 1 hour i liked the video and thanks bro😊

  8. Mine just goes to draft and idk how to host it from there

  9. thx bro u helped me a lot i have to do quiz about both americas urbanization due tommorow <3

  10. They removed to option to publish the video for free. They were making me buy 178$ annual package for publishing one game. Such a sneaky way to make money. Utterly disappointed.

  11. Great video. Thanks. Question: What is the maximum number of players can you have on free mode?

  12. Im on phone do i really have to pay to host?

  13. Straight to the point and very informative. I miss this kind of videos. Thanks a lot!

  14. Unfortunately, you can't input more than four questions on create your own kahoot. Any ideas on how to solve this problem!

  15. Any alternative free platform other than Kahoot?

  16. Unfortunately works with few slides, otherwise you have to pay the subscription.

  17. Good I’m student but I need it for my presentation 👍

  18. extremely useful! straight to the point! short and clear! Thank you

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