How to: GTA V Free + FiveM Setup Guide | Epic Games - Giveaway -

How to: GTA V Free + FiveM Setup Guide | Epic Games – Giveaway

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GTA:V is free on the Epic Games store! This video shows you how to get it for free, and how to set up the FiveM mod with your new copy of the game! [May 2021]

Fix the SteamID error, here:

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0:00 – Explanation
0:25 – Getting GTA:V for free
1:18 – Creating an account
1:56 – Finishing first mission [Not required]
2:04 – Downloading FiveM
2:28 – Linking Discord
2:36 – Joining a server
2:49 – Final notes

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  1. that would be amazing if it wasnt on a fucking white screen the entire time

  2. my rockstar luncher is white for fivem, i did the same steps as you

  3. It's asking me to sign in with my rockstar social club, I made one and it says I don't have GTA5? I have it on epic games.

  4. it keeps on saying something about data can anybody help?

  5. I dont know if you'll see this or not but, i did everything just that after few months i have came back i can get to gtav online without my social club being logged in i know my username and i can get to its social club from the start up of gta but dont know what email its using could anyone help?

  6. Mine keeps saying select the folder containing gta to open up fivem but there is no folder,it’s in epic games,what do I do

  7. So when I open fivem it just says select the folder containing gtav

  8. Guys this game was free for a week u can't get it free no more and u need to have the game from steam or epic games and if u don't have the game u can't do it

  9. Bro if I purchase gta 5 is it free for life time in epic games Or limited period like 1 year.

  10. help please, fivem error could not connect to rockstar games library service.

  11. this is game not freeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. can i play normal gta online after installing fiveM , or i will be banned?

  13. When I download fivem it seems like it can’t find the gtav file any help

  14. So I dont need to download anything else? Sweet

  15. this no longer works because the free version of gta 5 on epic doesn't have the new dlc

  16. im confused when i click buy now it brings up credit card stuff

  17. it says i have to open steam to play…. how do i fix?

  18. holy shit bro ur voice look like a guy his name sam on youtube @sam / سام

  19. Everytime I try to launch FiveM it says i need steam to play, But im on epic game.

  20. do i need to create a new social club account or can i use my existing one?

  21. Doesn't work for me I click on servers and get to another page that asks me to review and I haven't even played on the server yet

  22. i am not sure if I will get a response because this is 2+ years old but I just recently got into playing GTAV on PC so I am really curious… isn’t this bannable?

  23. I’m confused when i search up gta 5 it’s says buy but i already have it on my console

  24. This tutorial is very helpful but when I go to join a server it says I’ve not got the right version can u help me with that ?

  25. does anyone have a spare account with gta 5 and can give me?

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