How to hack online flash games very easy- Windows 7 -

How to hack online flash games very easy- Windows 7

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The two downloads you need

Adobi Air-



  1. can any 1 show how to make a league of legends hack?

  2. dude need help…. i wanna hack a game i think you can help me with its king of thieves

  3. Psh nice background :p It's all about Battlefield bro lol but honestly great video, I'm just messin with you.

  4. i've waited enough shit head // fk u and ur video

  5. Hey 😀
    I did everything that u did but I had a problem downloding the minerva- beacuse in the link u gave us it showed us first something else "minerva ,free ,online" and it wasnt a download-it was the same thing but in google chrome or somehting and I didnt know how to use it… so I went down at the same page and I found some links to download few versions of minerva, so I downloaded the most updated one-3.5.0- and then I had a problem finding the right default folder….beacuse it wasnt there… I tried other folders and the I found 2 folders"Profile 1", "Profile 2" -and in each one of them I found the "PeperFlash" folder ,but just in one of them I found the url of the game's host ,but in it there was no file with the name of the game just three folders with the same file in them….
    I understood that there is some games with higher protection level, that u need to hack through c++ or by other means and I think that this site maybe one of them—-
    and I hope that I didnt do any other mistakes above^^^^^^^
    Sorry for the long post… I hope that u could help me. ty anyway 😀

  6. does this for the game called "boxhead bounty hunter" its a flash game also.

  7. Can we havk smallworkds game with this method?

  8. hi Bro…I tried to do in a similar game …but the file extension that I Had inside the chrome browser for that game was .SOL..what should I do?

  9. how to edit an sol file bro?I cant open that file i need a software to open it.

  10. Uuum ok so I got the files and opened them with Minerva but there wasnt any money option!!

  11. whay i dont hawe otions like you? i hawe saund and other shit 😀

  12. dude i have save file on my Strike force heroes 3 and then Its On folder show nothing

  13. can i hacked any online games like dragon city,monster legend,etc.

  14. Great tutorial, I was getting sick of using SoThink Swf Decompiler to hack this one flash game. Like!

  15. Thank you. It worked flawlessly and the video was very clear. I dropped a like as well.

  16. ( u asked us to do it on a mac, but ur not using mac)

  17. Can you make an video how to hack goodgame empire ?

  18. Does it work with ''Tanki online''?

  19. how to hack pals please answer soon thank you 🙂

  20. i cant found my game in the folder Shockwave Flash

  21. hii can you tell how to hack game like march of empires'

  22. can you please tell me how to save websites in that folder

  23. I can't hack online flash games i can only hack offline flash games

  24. thanks really good video besides its too quiet, learned alot


  26. I dont wanna seem picky but i was wondering if a game called Helmet Heroes was hackable?

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