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This is the first tutorial of my free beginner series on how to make an online multiplayer game. In this episode we will look at setting up the networking engine Photon in Unity, and creating a username and server/main menu screen.

Photon engine –

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If you have any problems, let me know in the comments 🙂


  1. Im having trouble the stuff doesnt show up at Menu Controllee script

  2. Thank you so much for this tutorial! it was so helpful even in aspects of non multiplayer programming! Thanks a lot, I hope you have a good day!

  3. the tutorial is good but your accent and way of talking is a pure pain in the fucking ass

  4. Bois I am here to save your time! Use parrelsync to have same project on different editor. You will no longer need to build the game to test simple features 🙂

    Nice tutorial! I love your videos

  5. Way to fast, I had to slow it down to 0.25 playback speed to keep up. Though it was fast, it still explained the topic correctly

  6. Yo this is a sick tutorial, maybe scale up the code so you can see it better tho.

  7. How can i make when internet turn off open ui and goes return to lobby.

  8. photon is for scuffed games duck the photon

  9. This is my first time seeing your channel and im just, like wow. Your style of telling is like.. a teacher, better than a teacher. I loved the video so much and you can be sure that everyone doing this stuff will find your channel and you will grow with being an enormous channel. Sorry if my bad English disturbed you a little bit but i have to say that you are awesome.

  10. Menu Controller does not work as of new updates.

  11. can i play 2 game instance in 2 PC ? or over internet ? how about IOS (or Andorid) game build ?

  12. For anyone having issues with the OnConnectedToMaster method, I solved it by changing "MonoBehaviour" to "Photon.PunBehaviour". You also have to change the method to "public override void OnConnectedToMaster()" Then the "connected" message appears when running the app

  13. Is the complete game ready?? I want to see that

  14. Omg thx! This really helps out for starter people like me and for my friends! I will add some credit for you for the tutorial!!! Keep the videos up pls!!!

  15. Dang it why on hell i was creating a linus server i forgot photon hell outta ma brainnnnn 2 cells tbh

  16. I keep on getting errors for the private void Awake() { PhotonNetwork.ConnectUsingSettings; }

  17. This is the best multiplayer tutorial i have ever seen!

  18. why void OnConnectedToServer(){}doesn't match isn't in white

  19. awsome video!
    now i can make my in progress game a multiplayer

  20. Can you help? I need to make my game check available updates and make it mandatory to download and install the update not letting the player enter the server without first updating. Is .json file related to this? If so, how to create this feature I want to?

  21. goooooood tot multiplayer is a hard thing for me but thins makes it sooooooooooooooo easy! thx you so much!

  22. How not to ..these games hackers or douchbag Cheaters always ruin multiplayer games .

  23. idk what happening but it is not working for me..

  24. AssetsPhoton Unity NetworkingEditorPhotonNetworkPhotonEditorUtils.cs(167,21): warning CS0618: 'UnityWebRequest.isNetworkError' is obsolete: 'UnityWebRequest.isNetworkError is deprecated. Use (UnityWebRequest.result == UnityWebRequest.Result.ConnectionError) instead.'

  25. Hello miss
    Can you create a game
    I will tell you ☹☹☹

  26. I like your effort, work and accent! Also that's really British of you 🙂

  27. hey i am having some trouble can we discord call and i will share screen my code, thx

  28. I know this is kind of an old Tutorial but when I do the SerializeField it doesn’t turn Blue, is that going to mess with the script at all? As well as PhotonNetwork and some other stuff. Am I missing something?

  29. how can I use photon with the new Input systems?

    This is my movement with the new input system and it didn't work with "photonView.isMine".

    public void Move(InputAction.CallbackContext context)


    if (photonView.isMine)


    horizontal = context.ReadValue<Vector2>().x;

    animator.SetFloat("Speed", Mathf.Abs(horizontal));



    Please, Someone can help me to adapt my code to photon?

  30. error cs0103: The name 'UsernameMenu' does not exist in the current context

  31. I'm sorry for being stupid, but can anybody tell me what she's using to close the SerializeField? I don't know if it's brackets or parentheses. 4:37

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