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This is the first tutorial of my free beginner series on how to make an online multiplayer game. In this episode we will look at setting up the networking engine Photon in Unity, and creating a username and server/main menu screen.

Photon engine –

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If you have any problems, let me know in the comments 🙂


  1. Does it matter in the scrip the serialize field and game object isnt green and stays grey????????:!???.?!:))))))?:!?

  2. can you make a updated version pls? photon got updated so this tutorial dosent work anymore

  3. In my first impression watching this "No, not another downloading system" But after watching through the end, made realize that it is actually kinda good, Ill give it a shot. P.S I left a like.

  4. i don't see "connected" in the window, pls Help :'(

  5. this guy making the video: Ah yeah it's big brain time

    Great video btw

  6. I can't type in my username
    edit: figured it out. sometimes it doesn't auto-assign the "text" and "placeholder" elements inside the input field

  7. why does the my script have nothing in the class like yours?

  8. this is a great video for ui overall thank you 💛

  9. Great video, im trying to make a small multiplayer game for class and this series seems like its gonna be my saving grace. Thanks!

  10. damn u do it way to fast like there is so much error and canvas problem because u go too fast

  11. UsernameInput.text.Lenght doesent work why i cant understand

  12. I really thought this was blackthornprod bcz of the thumbnail art style

  13. Sorry for my stupid question… But, the 20 users, is the limit for a room? Or for all the players in the game?

  14. VERY easy to follow. This was just what was needed. Thanks!

  15. this video was going so well until the coding started and I couldn't keep up

  16. Please go slow next time.

    You are so fast

  17. Do you need a gaming computer? Or does a normal labtop work aswell?

  18. NotImplementedException: The method or operation is not implemented.
    MenuController.Awake () (at Assets/Scripts/MenuController.cs:23) what does this mean, please help?

  19. Will this work for Android as well ? I have done the same implementation for Android but it isn't working.

  20. When a kid making a game better then minecraft and roblox

  21. Can you help me please with my game . Iam making a Android game my problem is with the joystick .for first player joystick works fine but on the second clone the joystick not working at all

  22. Can you please talk a bit slower because i cant follow the tutorial without pausing 1 000 000 times. But Great tutorial

  23. amazing info, but im still basic in unity, very basic. hahaha

  24. Operation JoinLobby (229) not called because client is not connected or not ready yet, client state: ConnectingToMasterServer
    UnityEngine.Debug:LogError (object)


  25. Thank you so much i have tryed this 1 year ago it didnt work but now it does!

  26. AssetsMenuController.cs(5,14): error CS0234: The type or namespace name 'Pun' does not exist in the namespace 'Photon' (are you missing an assembly reference?)

  27. This is a very good video thanks the help 🙂

  28. This video explained with clear, easier to understand, keep it up ❤️

  29. hey where did you get the sprite assets

  30. AssetsMenuController.cs(7,56): error CS1003: Syntax error, ',' expected

    I don't understand!

  31. I have so many problems and errors. Can I contact somebody?

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