How to Make ANY Game Online Multiplayer (Even Retro Games) -

How to Make ANY Game Online Multiplayer (Even Retro Games)

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Parsec is free, and its app can be downloaded at (AD)
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  1. This awesome! Now I can play N64 games with my friends online!

  2. I can't log in with my newly created account. Something's wrong with their server and website.

  3. How to fix lag on the client side please help

  4. Great Video, can be used just to stream my PC games to a TV or under powered PC

  5. Parsec is actually soooo cool! I literally play goat simulator co-op splitscreen, with my friend that lives 8 km away from me.

  6. jump into a discord call

    Me: WHAT

  7. Well funny you mention it. I do have a device that rips roms from cartridges. I should use it once in a while maybe? 🤔

  8. I was looking how to make any game multiplayer, and this is what I got. my dude when is some genius going to make shadowrun for Sega Genesis multiplayer

  9. I give this a 10 out of 11 because what the heck is this this is some top of the notch you can play any game for free on your iPad computer whatever is going to play on TV but man get this guy on his Studio this guy should be a scientist for making this it says that in the battle people how this guy is amazing

  10. I GOT A Question If I Got A Generic Controller will it work plug and play or do I need to download some things?

  11. Can anyone tell me how to set up parsec in 2020?
    I have installed it, added an friend, and we have problems in alot of games :/
    When he hosts – new installed parsec without configuring anything – and we friend each other etc. i cannot do anything when (i have mouse and keyboard) and when he joins in with controller and mouse + keyboard he can use controller and keyboard but not mouse XD
    We have tried this games:
    – Enter the Gungeon
    – Spelunky (there it works kinda fine)
    – blazing beaks

  12. Does Killera ring a bell it works like that old emulator plugin for older systems

  13. No it sucks bad for emulation. The second controller never works and I've tried everything.

  14. What's parsec??? It's a measure of distance! Or maybe time… I'm not sure

  15. This WOULD be wonderful but the app crashes the first instant it opens every single time on my osx 10.12. Also you cannot host a game on osx, even if it did work.

  16. does it work? I want to play with my friend some old game. This seems really good

  17. Has anyone tried to play Tecmo Super Bowl, season play with multiple users? Would that work …more than 2 people?

  18. I was waiting for him to show us how he played snes multi-player using parsec and the physical snes XP

  19. Can this work on the Retroid Pocket 2? If so you've made me do a backflip and I now need medical attention.

  20. so i got a new graphics card and im suddenly able to host now

  21. I actually want to try this out. I hate using the crappy pcs at work. I'd rather use my good gaming rig for everything. And if I can remote into it from any device I want to use then I don't have to worry about opening something I was working on elsewhere. I can just leave it open. I like steam stream anywhere but I can ONLY game with that, not use my browser (that has adblock), or a different program. (there was ways in the past but that was exploiting a bug that no longer works for me).

  22. They have removed the party finder ;( or it just doesn't work for me

  23. is there a way to play with the original ACTUAL n64 online with parsec? i use parsec already but is there a way to connect the n64 to the computer?

  24. wat i wish i could play vigilante 8 with someone

  25. Game has insane lag even though I set it to all settings to make it supposedly """low latency""
    you can't use 2 keyboards without using some other software which doesn't even work
    Doesn't work great at all….. Why is there no reliable way to play retro games online fuuuuuuck

  26. How do you give access to the controls… can start a game they just can’t control the character

  27. i first thought that Parrsec was just Dreamcast multiplayer that is so hard to understand but now after their explaination,looks like Parsec is good but my problem is i don't know how well can my laptop support this application?

  28. It’s weird I feel like netplay was a built in feature for a lot of emulators I used like 20 years ago but now it’s not a common feature anymore. Weird

  29. Can someone on pc play with a friend on ps4 using parsec ?

  30. One thing I'm wondering, maybe someone can answer, if a person is given controller type access does it give them a sort of cursor that they could then use to go into my computer's files and such? It'd be neat to try this I think, but I don't really want to let my friends look at private stuff while I'm afk or something obviously (though maybe I'd just disable their ability to do anything when going afk)… What I think I'd want from this is the ability to specify what programs they could/could not open remotely… Especially if it's a game where I'd want to be able to give them mouse/keyboard controls… So like if I had nudes or something in my pictures folder (not that I do) I could just prevent them from opening that…

  31. I Playd tekken 7 on parsek and it had big inputlag

  32. i cant believe how low the latency is, this has brought back to life so many old games in my library & especially ones the devs have taken down servers for

  33. And now every emulator has net play parsec is slow

  34. Erm.. did i missunderstand something? Havent emulators had netplay for 10+ years?

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