How to Make ANY Game Online Multiplayer (Even Retro Games) -

How to Make ANY Game Online Multiplayer (Even Retro Games)

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  1. This could also let one share their steam games that only one of the people own, just a thought

  2. 4:54 he refers to newlegacyinc on twitch, go check em out, really great guys.

  3. Why do i feel like its the dumbest idea ever to find some random and give him remote access to your computer? Even blocking keyboard/mouse through the program im sure someone could find a way to do something

  4. I guess I’m a moron but I still don’t understand how to do this. Usually when I see ‘how to’ in a title, I can expect it being explained, not just talked about as if I should already know how to do it. How do you use this service with ANY game? You have to find and download a rom of the game somewhere first, and then run that through this service??

  5. How do you solve the echo problem. I feel dumb but last i checked, parsec doesnt have a voice chat, so programs like discord or skype cause really bad echo since you hear everything your friend hears.

  6. I barely know what a rom is so I don’t have rom’s

  7. this sounds awesome! I can finally play more games with my friend who moved to Cali. My PC isn't the greatest and until I upgrade it can't run everything hers can. This sounds like a great go around so I can play games with her or play some classics together.


  9. I will try this for sure! Thanks for the video <3

  10. That's worrying af. The app is free and they're paying you to promote it????? Could they end up using your computer's performance for something else without you knowing?? It's quite worrying

  11. So uh what about emulator websites that let people play retro games online? How hard would it be to take it one step further and add online multiplayer for a game like Nintendo Ice Hockey from 1988?

  12. i loved that parsec invented , me and my friends use it alot, because we dont have time anymore to go to an arcade to play old games or newer games like tekken or street fighter. but bcoz of parsec we can play it again even me and my friends are miles away haha! thank u to all the people who created this!

  13. What if…
    I alt+tabbed during the gameplay and accidentally open up some uhh, you know… private stuffs that aren't meant to be seen by other people?

  14. Parsec doesn't let me host Epsxe because I don't have a compatible video card even though I can run these games. I wish people would specify that this isn't for everyone.

  15. But is there a way to do this on original hardware?

  16. Types: "gimme one of them snes emulators my dude" – is surprised it actually works. Hahaha!

  17. can you play with someone using more then one controller on one client (so someone can use one computer for 2 people playing with a friend over the internet)

  18. he just told how amazing the app is but how the fuck I play how do i use it i wanna play killer instinct 64 is that possible ????

  19. So how does renting a system work? If it's not my computer, how do I play my games from it? Sorry if it's a bit of a stupid question.

  20. My guy…this opens up unknown friendly hands into my controllers

  21. Now if someone ever makes emulators with online or lan capability for certain multiplayer games then thatll be fun but so far theres more than enough mmos and such and not enough time

  22. So how does this work? I wanna play with my cousin on some nintendo 64 what do we both need to make this work? Two computers n64's? What else?

  23. Man this seems pretty cool. I may try this out sometime!

  24. Just tested this with my cousin. For some reason, our set-ups have been out of sync for years. He owns a PS4 and Mac Book, I own PC and Switch. It's been years since we last played something together. Parsec is the ultimate solution for both of us. Thank god they have a MacOS Client! I can simply host any game and we're good to go. I just tested it on Fifa 13 for a couple of hours with him, and after sorting out some intial connection hiccups it ran flawlessly. Very glad to being able to relive a part of our past again. This app is dope and– HOLD ON IT HAS EXISTED FOR OVER A YEAR NOW!? Dayumm

  25. I love parsec mario 64 multiplayer is online now yay

  26. First I thought the latency can't be so good. But it really is! This is one of the greatest software ever made. It's totally worth a try!!

  27. i haven't been able to make it work, needs to do more tinkering i guess

  28. Does something like this app allso work for consoles like the PS2?

  29. Has anyone got this working on a firestick or a rpie?

  30. this is wwy more of a pain in the assthe nyo uwould ever imagine it being

  31. You think this could be loaded on to a nvida sheild ??

  32. If you have the actual N64 game, is there a way to prove that you own one?

  33. This ad of yours made me subscribe to you lmao you're funny my dude

  34. So cool , can’t wait to play with my brother in Mexico 🇲🇽 thank you parsec

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