How to Play NINTENDO Games on your MAC for FREE!! [How to Guide] -

How to Play NINTENDO Games on your MAC for FREE!! [How to Guide]

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Play all your favorite Nintendo games right on your Mac!! You can play most old school console games right from your Mac using a Nintendo emulator.
We’ll go through how to set this up on your Mac.

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  1. ik i am here a bit late but, the openemu app wont work its something about the malware, can someone help me?

  2. I have a MacBook Pro (2020) and when I download and open the emulator, it says that it couldn't verify that it doesn't have malware and forces me to close it or move it to trash :/ any tips?

  3. I can open the rom but can't do anything once I open the game. I have 0 controls. I can't start the game. any advice?

  4. I download openEmu but It won’t let me open it . It says that it’s not verified to open

  5. My struggle right now is getting my SNES controller to work on my Mac. It doesn't seem to be recognized at all HALPPPP

  6. For me its not allowing to control it and it goes by itself please help its not allowing me to play

  7. I've been using opened for a year, I did quite a long break cuz of work and all that, so when I took it back for the holidays, it told me I ned to activate the keyboard input thingy, I did, it is on in y my system preferences, tho the emulator still does not work properly, do you know anything that might help.

    I have tried uninstalling the emulator and reinstalling it multiple times it still does not work

  8. Awesome. I tried this ages ago never got it right but now looks like it’s much easier to do so. Thanks!

  9. Can you get a virus downloading these emulators and games?

  10. How to control the game using laptop keyboard ?

  11. I can’t get the game (SMB) to actually start. It just plays the intro where Mario runs along and get hit by a goomba but won’t actually let me play. I also can’t edit the controls. It’s like it doesn’t recognize my keyboard ors. Pressing escape let’s me remove a gameplay button but then I am unable to choose a new keyboard key for that button. Also I can’t get any sound. Any tips anyone?

  12. Загублений українець says:

    my mac says Open emu isnt verified and wont let me use it

  13. I can't open The emulator, they say that the Mac can not verify if there is a malware or not…. pls help

  14. i tried playing super mario bros and the keybpard doesnt work

  15. BluesCluesYesSouthParkNo (CLOSING SOON) says:

    Unfortunately, I cannot play NES games on my Mac. Here is a reason.
    Installing Openemu might give me Malware.

  16. It doesn't let me configure the buttons to my controller

  17. I never usually comment on videos but damn you deserve it haha best explained video ever !!!! Thank you so much

  18. Thanks Emilio – I was thinking about Legend of Zelda: Link to a Past today so I went looking for an SNES. Unfortunately the one I found was $480 CAD. This is a much better option.

  19. I can't change the controls. I'm dying to play this :(((((((((((((((

  20. For the guys that the keyboard doesnt work, go to System Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Input Monitoring , and enable the toggle for openEmu. Hope its helpful!! 👍

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