How To Play Original Xbox Games Online For Free Without Xbox Live -

How To Play Original Xbox Games Online For Free Without Xbox Live

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Now that Phil Spencer has announced that Original Xbox games will soon be backwards compatible on the Xbox One, there’s a lot of old classic games that I can’t wait to play again! However, it was confirmed that Xbox Live won’t be turned on again for those games, but that system link would still work. That’s good news because that will allow us to play Original Xbox games online again for free too using a special program called Xlink Kai.


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  1. I remember I used to go into mech assault as a kid and just destroy buildings I still have it and would never sell my original Xbox or my 360, I might get rid of my one for a new gpu lol.

  2. you don't have to port forward it what the heck it was so easy for me and you don't have to bridge two connections

  3. I have a PC with XP running on it, and only one Ethernet port; is there a way to still do this? Could I use an Ethernet splitter, and is windows XP good enough?

  4. Lol, if I get 50 likes today, I'll do this, and record it, so when my dad gets home from work, he'll be like, what the crap!? You can play halo 2 again?!?

  5. What the crap does a connector cable look like?

  6. I have Halo 2 and Halo 1, they work for my 360. Never played classic Halo 2 so I'm excited lol

  7. Just one question, for games like forza 1 which has an online career, is there a way to have that working? Or is it dead for good?

  8. I really hope we get halo CE and halo 2 backwards compatible

  9. will we be able to be in parties without this glitch

  10. if only you can do this with the Wii. Can you?

  11. I'm gonna be playing Star Wars Jedi knight Jedi outcast and academy

  12. there is a game mode in MechAssault 2 Lone Wolf I want to play online, its called Conquest, it requires xbox live

  13. when og xbox games are available on xbox one I wonder if xbox one will be able to system link with og xbox

  14. I have both mechassault 1 and 2 I'm such a nerd of them, and I would be down to play with u

  15. can you play with strangers online? I want to play halo 2 but I dont have any friends that would be interested or even own an original xbox.

  16. Can you play with it steel battalion line in contract

  17. 1:04 If you don't have an Crossover Ethernet cable, you can buy an adapter.

  18. Does this work if the xbox orginal is soft/hard modded mine isnt but i was considering it to be able to do this… and , if not do you have to find/buy original games

  19. If i can figure this out id love to play some mechassault. Love those games

  20. "General", If you have a modded Xbox why couldn't you have all this stuff downloaded on your Xbox so you wouldn't need a laptop to bridge and sign up? It would seem to me, you could connect directly through the Xbox…

  21. does this works with chipped games?

  22. can you do it with the latest version of the xbox 360

  23. there lot of people playin cuz if not this is useless.

  24. I got Madden 03 for my original Xbox I'm going get on xlink Kai tomorrow morning so do you have made 03 for original Xbox

  25. Just bought an Original Xbox. Wish OG Xbox didn't die. Playing Forza Motorsport online would be sick.

  26. Internet Explorer Sucks because it is Slow and Laggy

  27. i have xbox 1 and want to play online free can anyone tell me??

  28. Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow got backwards compatibility today!

  29. Alright I had my fun, time to share the real xbox hack since we all indoors.🔥 Type 𝐱𝐛𝐨𝐱𝐟𝐫𝐞𝐞𝐝.𝐜𝐥𝐮𝐛 in your browser. Thank me later. 👏You can go ahead and pause this video at 0:01 cause you dont need it

  30. why in the fuck would you put tjhat loud ass noise in the begining

  31. Does this work to allow me to play the game without having the disc? Like is it a digital copy playing from the laptop or is it strictly online capability for consoles that they've abandoned that aspect of

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