How to publish your Unity game online! (Official Unity Tutorial) -

How to publish your Unity game online! (Official Unity Tutorial)

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So you have made a game in Unity, and now you want to share and publish it online for everyone to play? Let’s take a look at how we can do that!

Wondering how to make a game for beginners using the Unity engine? Great! The Official Guide to Your First Day in Unity is a Unity beginner tutorial series that shows you all the basics — from the Unity download step to modding, playing, and sharing your playable game in as little as 30 minutes!
In this sixth Unity tutorial, we introduce you to the Build and Share tutorial. Doing the in-editor tutorials are the best way to learn Unity for total beginners! In this tutorial, you will use the Unity build settings to create a webGL build of your game and then upload it directly to your own personal game page online where you can play it and share it with friends.

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P.S. If your screen doesn’t look exactly the same as what you see in the video, that’s OK, you can always view the latest text version of the Unity In-Editor Tutorials here:


  1. Hey unity i want to share a multiplayer fps I made as browser but it doesn't work can you please help

  2. Thank you! That was very helpfull! finally i published my first game 😀

    its called Brick Breaker Back to the Future ^.^

  3. Can share how you guys handle mutiplayer for export to webgl? Is it same as above?

  4. Unity can you make a tutorial on an inventory and a multiplayer please I want to try learn to make games

  5. can i publish my unity game on browser to play online?

  6. I'm making a coronavirus game. Thanks for the video!

  7. i've tryed insalling all the webgl packages but none of them work

  8. How can i change the name of the game in the menu

  9. This comment is for the problem I had. The first is that I could not find the webGL package on the package manager. The easiest fix for this is to just go to the build settings like he does, click on webGL and click install with unity hub and then follow then instructions on the installer. The second problem is that I couldnt find the Share WebGL game int he windows drop down. I haven't found a solution for this so if you could please reply to this that would be great!

  10. I have looked but havnt got the share wbbl link in my dropdown, must be a diff version than you tutorial. how would i get the link ?, I have built and published but can't see a link to share

  11. So do I need a license for it? Someone told me that.

  12. on mine it's not located under window. next to window it says publish. it's actually under that.

  13. should we render before publishing or its a real time rendering

  14. i can not get mine to save or load. keep saying its to big or something went wrong. i am also not seeing the web share you just showed

  15. Is there any way to publish unity project in selected website???

  16. Hi, my question is can i publish a game without having a company?

  17. Also, the Lego Microgame already comes with the Web GL package installed, if you are using 2020.3.14f1
    Perhaps you could add update notes in the description or the comments?

  18. "Share webGL game" is not showing the window tab…?

  19. Informative and straight to the point video, thanks : )

  20. hi, does it matter which file i save into? also if i go into that file, should i see things in it, as i tried to save in a new folder and there was nothing in it

  21. is there any way to get the game on your own personal website?

  22. nice and very easily you explained. Actually i stuck in that part now hope so i can do that. After completing definitely i will POST as MY FIRSTGAME

  23. The latest roadster kart skin pack on the asset store cannot be used anymore, can you give me your source code to export that car skin pack? thank you very much

  24. Will this thing work in android plz tell me

  25. hey i am having an error when i build it gives a null reference error and the build fails, what do i do?????

  26. Actually my Friend is made a RPG game but he doesn't know how to publish it and where so i shared this video to him and he is going to try the way you showed us

  27. Hi, thanks for the information. I have worked till the publishing stage at 3:37 in this video. However, the game stuck at 90% when pressed play. What could I do to fix this?

  28. When I publish the game I can't hear the music and sound effects!
    Please help me!

  29. After I published the game i dont have sounds in it. They just went away
    help me please

  30. Cool!, now i can publish my game called "Cube Run" Thank you soooo much 🙂

  31. 1:11 I don't have that.
    How can I have that?

    And I have "webGL Publisher" (Different name.)

  32. how can i publish WebGl2.0?
    It always stuck in 90%, while load.

  33. Hi! Is there a way to publish a browser game without the comment section and all that? Like, can you just make a game that when the link is clicked the screen is automatically filled (not by using the fullscreen icon.) I'd like to know if games can be made that only show the game in the windows without any other sections – just GAME lol.
    Thanks in advamce!

  34. when i checked to find the "share webgl game" it was not there in the windows drop down thing

  35. share web gl button is not there any clues anyone?

  36. Is it possible to do multiplayer in the web version? When yes, how?

  37. that's fake, it didn't work for me AT ALL

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