Kids Online Classroom Games for Zoom -

Kids Online Classroom Games for Zoom

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This video shares 3 kids online classroom games for zoom – HAVE FUN TEACHING ENGLISH!

Mooncake English brings you weekly videos sharing fun and easy ESL games that are some of the best ESL games for young learners.

If you are looking for fun English games, ESL games for young learners, or the best ESL games for kindergarten learners Mooncake English has a fun activity for you to try. ESL games for young kindergarten learners doesn’t have to be tricky. ESL Flashcard Games for the classroom can be easy. Just try Mooncake English easy ESL flashcard games for kids. Mooncake English explains easy ESL flashcard games for young kids, ESL class warm up ideas and warm up games for kindergarten. Check out the Mooncake English homepage for more video ideas!

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  1. Hi im a new subscriber
    Working here in UAE

  2. Hi, I'm new here 😁
    I'm teaching English in Brazil

  3. Hi there!! I'm Melisa and I'm from Argentina! Love the video! Really helpful! 👌😃

  4. This fantastic – I teach a LOTE but all of these would very easily translate for my 6-8 year olds. Thank you so much for the ideas.

  5. I watched your videos, and they really helped me out, I was feeling that I didn't teach english to kids in a correct form. but right now, Just looking into your videos, I realized that I'm doing great!! thanks for sharing all those amazing ideas
    I'm from Colombia, and I teach english to kids between 2 and 5 years old

  6. Hi! I am a preschool teacher in Mexico City

  7. Hi , video was helpful…can u plz share some online teaching techniques for mothers toddlers session..thank you!

  8. Could you make this kinda video next time?
    I'm looking for online games!

  9. Helpful. ESL structure well demonstrated

  10. Hi! I'm new here!
    I'm watching this from Peru 🙂 🥰

  11. Hello there! I love your videos! I would like to know how did you edit this part where there are two screens and flashcards together? I am terrible at technology haha thanks a lot!

  12. Thank you! You saved my class! 😁 I'll use the first one this week. 😃👏

  13. Hy,
    I'm new here.
    Teaching Math in Pakistan 🇵🇰

  14. Hi, just watched your video, awesome job! Thanks for the tips! From FLORIDA, USA

  15. Hi. I'm from Thailand. Nice videos. Thanks for sharing.

  16. ok so maybe I am the only here but for me really not everything is clear, for the first game for example I start saying '' I wen to market and bought some bananas'' and I pass it on to a student, he will choose another fruit or vegetable but will they choose any fruit? why do we show flashcards then? won't they say '' do I have to choose from your flash cards teacher? '' and then what does the other student say '' I went to the market and bought some bananas and an apple'' and it goes on like this ? for the second one I don't even have a clue honestly so I choose 3 cards and they come one by one and I start talking about the first one then show the second one, will a student talk about the second and third one in the same structure in your case '' I like to eat… '' then finds the one who doesn'T belong in the group? Because in the video if the upper you is the teacher you look really confused I thought that one was the student so I didn't get it, any help is appreciated thank you.

  17. Hey! I’m knew here.. Just started teaching English to Japanese kids ☺️

  18. Hi.. thank you for sharing this video. From Nagaland northeast India 👍

  19. Hi, how are you me and my wife is teaching in Cambodia (USA International School and West gate International School)

  20. Hi, Im from India, Mumbai. I teach in Sunday school

  21. hi dear mooncake ! why you are not updating your channel we are waiting for you

  22. Great games! Thank you 👌🤗
    I´m teaching from Colombia to Colombian children

  23. Thank you so much. I used these games and kids love it.

  24. Very helpful! Ho chi Minh city, Vietnam

  25. I love the idea of incorporating cards, verbal and actions. It's such a great way to get their body involved in the online platform. Super helpful!

  26. Hi, I'm Annelyn from Philippines but currently teaching here in Laos.

  27. Your channel is very educational, simple and easy to follow. Thanks a lot for these great ideas!

  28. I wish my students actually liked any of these games 😑

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