Liberators - 2016 Top Free Online Strategy War Game -

Liberators – 2016 Top Free Online Strategy War Game

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Liberators, the year’s top WWII epic online strategy game, allows players to immerse themselves in an authentic battlefield experience!
Command and Conquer in this Free WWII Multiplayer Online Strategy!
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  1. Zat op level 57. Nu is alles weer op level 1. Kut spel.

  2. omg this trailor sucks the game is no where like this

  3. LOL @the description for General Model which says he flies into rages and just says Patton is aggressive?
    not to mention that he slapped men with PTSD and was pulled from the front for that incident.

  4. Wait were they looking at the eastern front? And americans was there? wow.

  5. the music is from the menu of panzer elite

  6. дерьмо игра, освободители мля, красной армии нет, естественно французы с англицами европу освобождали.
    Создатели игры пропагандоны-говноеды

  7. Pure propaganda! USSR is not in the game! USSR crashed the Nazi in the SWW. US, GB and France joined when it was clear that USSR was going to win. Disgusting! Offence for the millions of soviet citizens that lost their lives. And to their ancestors also! I will never play or recommend this game regardless how good or bad it is!

  8. Only reason I found out about this game is that I saw an ad on Facebook for it. It was using cover art from Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway… Good… GOOD!

  9. eu amo esse jogo e amo jogo de estrategia

  10. heres a list of copyrighted matterial used by this game for ads

    -Medal of honor frontline
    -heroes and generals
    -war thunder
    -Brothers in arms

    Lets see if we can discover more

  11. Hey. Amazing video. Liked it a lot. I also play similar games and like them. Yours seems a little bit different though. Anyways, keep it up. Thanks

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