Mafia Wars (by Zynga) - free online strategy game for Android - gameplay. -

Mafia Wars (by Zynga) – free online strategy game for Android – gameplay.

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Become the Kingpin and command a network of global criminals in a high-stakes black market for power called Mafia Wars.

True criminals; not just thugs in the street, but those in real positions of power who sit atop their ivory towers, surveying the real-world cities and syndicates they control. From street battles and bank robberies to corrupt billion dollar negotiations for power, Mafia Wars lets you build your criminal empire, partner with thousands to take down your enemies, and betray those that get in the way.

Join your friends and PLAY FOR FREE, to take over REAL WORLD CITIES in the most exciting social MMO thrill ride on mobile!

– Build, grow and upgrade your Mafia for invoking fear and power.
– Stake your claim on real-world cities by taking enemy territory.
– Join an Alliance to help steal resources, then build, recover and strengthen.
– Command a contingent of gang leaders. Mole, Hitman and Dealer, each with their own specialty, each at your disposal for expanding your reign.
– Elevate your criminal abilities by unlocking new gameplay through Research and Crafting Hero Gear.

Free online game.

Google Play download URL:

(the game was removed from GP and doesn’t run any more – no connection to a server)

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