Make Random Game Sounds in BFXR - Free Online SFX Generator -

Make Random Game Sounds in BFXR – Free Online SFX Generator

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Game developers, use this tool for lazy sound design! is where you get it. Subscribe for more videos like this.


  1. The samples sound like 8-bit, can't make quality audio with this.

  2. nice audio quality u have a very nice microphone

  3. I am very grateful, this software is too incredible, I love these sounds very much, thank you for making it known

  4. "Saw waves are raspy mother-fuckers" -this can be found in the program lmao

  5. This makes me want to break out the old NES!

  6. Hey there! I've made a FREE audio asset package with this tool about a year ago. If it's not a problem, I linked your video to my project:

    To be honest, this is the most popular & most downloaded package of all. Yeah, it's not a promo or a spam, because this is FREE.
    And one more useful information: I wrote a devlog to this project some weeks ago which contains more (online) SFX tools:
    ( Is there any other maybe … ? I would like to expand my list if it is possible! )

    Btw your video is there from the start … Thanks for the review! 🙂

    Thumbs Up For The Best NES Memories. Sweet – sweet childhood!

  7. Ill definitely need this for making video games

  8. Press random buttons until it works, perfect for my dumb ass ^^

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