Merge Stories (by Jelly Button Games) - free online strategy game for Android and iOS - gameplay. -

Merge Stories (by Jelly Button Games) – free online strategy game for Android and iOS – gameplay.

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Merge. Battle. Build – Do You Have What It Takes to Compete in the Ultimate Merge Game?

Merge Characters, Weapons and More in this Epic Merge Game!

Play Merge Stories: the coolest new merge game-meets-building game from the people behind Board Kings!

Let’s get merging!
Merge, build, and battle in this free adventure game with a building game twist!
Open barrels to meet cool new characters and items!
Get merging! Merge your units to level them up and discover new characters as you go!
Power-up with items! Merge characters and items together to unlock stronger units!
Find the perfect match – Discover the best merges and explore new merge combinations!
Collect character cards as you merge and unlock new characters.

Get ready: are your soldiers prepared for battle?

Build Up Your Land!
Call to arms! Build up your land as you add cool new characters and items. Place your Town Halls and weapons wisely! Plan your strategy, win the battle, and get huge rewards!

Start building by buying barrels to crack open on your land, each filled with new characters and items.
Collect coins as you build and merge and use them to upgrade your land!
Your land expands as you upgrade it – which means more barrels, better units, cooler items…and bigger battles!

When your units are ready, it’s time to prepare for battle…defend your land from raiders…and attack!

It’s Time to Battle!
Once you have strong enough units, it’s time to battle!
Set sail to attack, loot, and conquer other lands!

Free online game.

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