Moshi Monsters - Ice Cream Game Open Now! - Free Online Virtual Pet -

Moshi Monsters – Ice Cream Game Open Now! – Free Online Virtual Pet

Moshi Monsters
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Have you played the Ice Scream game at ?

See how many days you can work in a row and how many different places you can wheel the Ice Scream Cart! Watch as your choice of goopendous ice scream flavours and toppings increases!

The fancier your creations, the more Rox you’ll earn!

Moshi Monsters is a free and highly innovative virtual world and online game, where players can adopt and care for their very own pet monsters.

Adopt a Moshi Monster:



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Moshi Monsters – Ice Cream Game Open Now! – Free Online Virtual Pet


  1. do u know how many days there are in theis game?

  2. i love the music of the first three rounds. "ay ay ay!" i love the beat. i want an mp3 of that

  3. I love this game by the way my member name on moshi monsters is:diavlothedevil99!!!

  4. i play this game all the time!! aND I LIKE ICE CREAM! ice cream is gooood!

  5. add me josh2180
    any waysmy record is up to day 19 0r 18 at the volcano! i even prnited the sheet out! if you add me say that you beleive me fro my record

  6. hey guyz i am on moshi monsters and my name is belsey620

  7. add me zombieboy91 and rate my room please!!

  8. How do u get to the shop?? is it in monstro city my cousins wants to know

  9. you missed one!
    I'm magicman10000
    so add me

  10. @pokemonboy27 You can find the Ice Scream game on Ooh La Lane!

  11. i <3 this game add me if u like im called jesskek2 im a member

  12. @dlrstar If you see someone on moshimonsters called lachlan950 thats me!

  13. add me my name is celebiiscute i add all friends!

  14. Wow, you guys think this is hard? Go to my channel, I've gotten to level 30, I have proof ~ no joke

  15. thats what i do when i play that game p.s. plz add me im mactwo

  16. Where do you find that ice scream game? i cant seem to find it anywhere!

  17. @pokemonboy27 it is called I SCREAM ON ooh la lane

  18. ICE SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!lol that is how they call it in the game!!and u find it in oh la lane kk add me denise2949 and add its_my_time

  19. I can't play this anymore because of the touch pad on my laptop. No more mouse 🙁

  20. i love moshi monsters add me zoejessica2001

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