"MULTIPLAYER POKEMON!" Playing Pokemon Online In Pokemon Revolution! (Free Pokemon Online Game!) - thexpgamer.com

“MULTIPLAYER POKEMON!” Playing Pokemon Online In Pokemon Revolution! (Free Pokemon Online Game!)

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Intro Song: Veorra – Strangers

As always, thank you guys so much for stopping by another video! Your support day in and day out means the world to me – Zac/Immortal


  1. Obviously this is something WAY different from my normal videos, so hopefully you guys will enjoy it!

  2. I used to do this kinda miss doing pokemon videos. This used to me called Dawn of Darkness

  3. Click Bait. Gyrados in title, not Gyrados in the video. JK ily

  4. How many days till Nintendo decides to give you the dirty.

  5. I'm embarrassed to say…I've never played Pokemon

  6. for some reason when I try to load up the game its just a pure black screen

  7. I tried to download the game but my computer keeps saying its a virus and its blocked from your site you have up I'm downloading the game from: https://pokemon-revolution.en.softonic.com/ see if that done the trick but thought you would like to know that for some reason that site don't really work well.

  8. windows defender dont allow me to run luncher xD

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