New Transformers Online Game | Will Feature Warframe Style Gameplay?! | Features & More! -

New Transformers Online Game | Will Feature Warframe Style Gameplay?! | Features & More!

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New Transformers Online game. What’s going on guys? RBG here, back with another Transformers video game update. It seems like we are in a weird time concerning the Transformers brand. Because transparency and information has been very limited. You guys have heard me express my discernment with the current state of the franchise, particularly the games. Because Hasbro doesn’t really seem as adamate about delivering a solid title as they’re more focused on just expanding the brand. Over the years they’ve expressed how they just wanna be a mega media conglomerate similar to Disney. But the way they’ve been going about doing so hasn’t been the best approach. We’re still wondering what’s up with the Transformers Online game that’s being developed by Certain Affinity. And it looks like info is finally starting to surface. So we’re gonna talk about it today. But yeah guys, after what seems to be an eternity we finally have so more information on this new game titled Transformers Online. Not to be confused with the Chinese Exlusive online shooter that was also called Transformers Online. If we’re gonna be honest that game was nothing more than an Overwatch clone except with Transformers. But I’ll give it 1 thing, it had some pretty solid character designs.

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  1. I know I'm late to the party but after hearing this it sounds like DC universe with transformers

  2. Gamers: "Many companies have tried to make a successful online game like Warframe."
    Hasbro: "They tried and failed?"
    Gamers: "They tried and died."

  3. So sad they keep burning us original fans… I don't think of Bayformers as Transformers. I just can't.

  4. I wish it was a make your own transformer and then collect others to assist u

  5. Warframe style? So grind grind grind lose all you got to host migration or bug. Not a good idea.

  6. this channel is crazy. we supporting G2A and we not talking about micro tractions as if there's choice truly involved? lol smh, one more of these and ima have to take my talents to south beach

  7. I'm hoping it doesn't have the exact same farming system as warframe. There was some farming in warframe and systems I cannot stand, and forces people who enjoy the game but with busy schedules to be content locked and unable to get certain things they want for months on end

  8. Me: huge transformers fan
    My enemy: activition
    Activision is the reason y the greatest transformers games of all time r shut down
    Fuck u activition

  9. I'm getting dcuo vibes from the description

  10. Warframe style? well……fashionformers, here we go!
    Pink Bumblebee it is!

  11. Let us make original transformers in a character generator!

  12. Please do NOT do Bay-Formers version of Transformers. Those movies were just bad. A few likeable moments, seeing and hearing Optimus Prime again after the Animated movie but other than that, no, just no.

  13. I'll take it if I can play as a decepticon

  14. Nope, I don't want to play as a cannon transformer. I would rather create my own.

  15. So if warframe dcuo n transformers all mix up in one

  16. I just want a transformer game where you can make a custom robot. Make it unqiue while also not straying from the main source.

  17. Not a fan of Destiny hub and only dungeons as the format of gameplay. I definitely prefer a more traditional MMO or a dungeon crawler hybrid like FFXIV, DCUO, SWTOR, or STO on one side or Marvel Heroes and Diablo on the other. I would love to play as Rodimus Prime (yes. RODIMUS Prime,) or maybe customize my own Transformer OC, but I am not a fan of being locked into a dungeon only and the hub is just a flat screen menu similar to a mobile game which is how you are describing this format.

  18. I just want a remasterd of transformers revenge of the fallen😢

  19. Heroes vs villains needs to be for the iconic bots

  20. Love Transformers from being a kid and love Warframe for the last what, 8 years? Kind of disturbed though if your prediction comes true, because stealing talent from WF could kill it?

  21. I am so hyped for this game I think it’s going to be like warframe type but it has a destiny/red dead online open world with unlockable destiny style loot

  22. Anyone who wants to challenge me as Starscream BRING IT ON!!

  23. Where the fuck does he get these animations from ? Nobody in the comments has asked

  24. Is jagex bouta hop back on making a transformer game?

  25. Joe from joeys super cool food reviews says:

    They should make an open world transformers rpg where u can be a autobot or decepticon and be whatever transformer u want

  26. Anyone remember the Transformers Legends card game? I miss that so much

  27. If it’s like war for cybertron or fall of cybertron I’m all in if not I’ll pass we had kill streaks on the first one war for cybertron is my all time favorite

  28. I hope they bring this out and it's good I really cried like a baby when they took foc off the Market highmoon did a great job wit those two games I jus I could have gotten it again before they ax it, fingers crossed on this new one God I need it!!

  29. will There be a sequel To TF Fall of cybertron For xbox one s

  30. Destiny being one of my favourite games and transformation being my favourite movies
    And tv shows etc this is great for me I hope u get to customise your own characters like u do in destiny that’d be awesome

  31. it wouold be awesome if we could go to the different cybteronian colonies

  32. How did bumblebee get his feet back but its broke please

  33. blur was always my favorite transformer even if he wasn't that popular i still loved him

  34. Will it be free and will it be on ps4 and other consoles?

  35. Yeah well … the bring-back transformers to base is really a fun thing, every game that has it is a little more fun. I do agree that for this kind of game we should not be playing the protagonist cause it would limit stuff. But so far .. the idea is pretty solid and pretty cool … I just don't know if anyone would have the vision and patience do to what Warframe did. This guys are amazing.

  36. Ok but will we go to cybertron or st least cybertron expansion

  37. random playable characters? i almost like that more, it gives you the chance to really customize them like you can in warframe, i love the customization in WF

  38. So long as thy keep the shit-ass Bay-bots out of any future media… everything will be fine!

  39. We got some pretty interesting news to go over. It looks like this new TF game may be bigger than we originally thought!

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