Nintendo Switch Online FINALLY Worth It... Free Switch Games!? -

Nintendo Switch Online FINALLY Worth It… Free Switch Games!?

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In Switch News, Nintendo Switch Online got an UPGRADE with Free Switch Games with the New Switch Online Game Trials. Mario Tennis Aces is available for FREE, In Europe and Captain Toad in Japan. Will US Switch Online customers eventually get Nintendo Game Trials!?

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  1. i get thinking switch online could be greatly improved but the comments wanting free games from nintendo are kinda yucky because it is only 20 bucks compared to other online services like psplus and the games that nintendo are offering w/ the service are still around 60. (that 33% discount is cool) But cheaper games for free with nso would def be sick like indie/ non 1st party games. *i dont have psplus so idk what theyre offering and the pricepoint of them but i think jet set radio was free once and judging by that i guess the games are like less than 20 bucks most of the time

  2. How does nintendo knows where you are based? XDD

  3. How often is this likely to be? If it was once a month that would be really cool. Also, why don't we have themes yet? I want to personalize my Switch

  4. FREE GAMES? For What? All the AAA titles require ONLINE, they charge next to nothing, I get to FINISH HIM online. So since Switch User really can’t play without it, it’s an easy gimmick that needs no perks. The free trials are probably in regions they want to boost sales.

  5. Just downloaded Mario Tennis and tried to play it with an error message that my account cannot play the software… Yes I have an active online account, anyone else have that problem? My account is in The America’s…

  6. Lol you think this will give us free games?
    1. its only for a week
    2. this is rarely going to happen, i promise you.

  7. This was good until I started playing the game and Joy con drift made it imposible to play ;-;

  8. They need to reduce all games price down at least 10% now, they can't just mark the price for every games's price too high, some games look like only worth 10$ and they push it in store 2 times higher than normal.

  9. NO!!! Do not buy!!! They're CHARGING you for a service that's supposed to be free

  10. I can deal with switch online. I got two years of it for $30 but I still say it's not worth it. Online shouldn't have to be paid for, nor should it even be a thing. We already have to pay for our internet, WHY make us pay more?

  11. Didn’t we get free trials of games for free on the 3DS? (I didn’t have a Wii U)

  12. Me: when saw youtube on Nintendo i was so happy

    Me: 10 month later waiting for Netflix to come

  13. I just want a better experience with Smash and Splatoon online services. For people like me who have garbage internet (1.5mbps), it takes at least a day to download the game (Sometimes longer if it's a larger game like BotW), so I've no desire to download games, especially when I can only have that game for a single week. Can't tell you how many times I've gotten into a Japanese lobby in Splatoon 2, in the middle of the day here in the US, before getting disconnected, or how some of my Smash matches are completely lag free, but one guy I get paired with will lag me to heck and back (Seriously, are these guys on Hotel WiFi? Using a 56k dialup connection?). I want to play Splatoon 2 without getting DC'd every match (Splat 1 was completely stable, and even when I got paired with Japanese players, I lagged but didn't DC), and I want to have enjoyable matches in Smash. Is that really so much to ask?

  14. I’m still kinda disappointed that the Nintendo switch has no Netflix 😔

  15. For trade in Pokemon L ets go its mandatory to have online?

  16. Sorry buy Nintendo is Gay games are all trash old nonsense selling my switch it's not what fans wanted dont care what fan boys preach


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  19. They should just make it free and the so called "new stuff" should be on the membership damnit.

  20. We have youtube on switch but no speeding up vids or commentating? No thanks, Switch doesn't even have google yet wtf.

  21. If you care about SNES games or Tetris 99 then this wouldn't be as bad. If neither of them interest you to pay for the yearly service, then it's not worth it.

  22. I would say it IS worth it at this point,
    *Team Kirby Clash
    *Tetris 99
    *Special events for games
    *Vouchers which went away[for now]

  23. I have an idea for achievements on switch,
    -only 1st and big 3rd party titles.
    -rewards such as upcoming themes, player icons, mii hats or outfits, or gold points.
    -Quick settings could have a Achievements unlocked section along with home menu

  24. Let me say snes and nes not worth it still sucks i wanted free online service but most people just do emulators cause they dont want to take this junk from nitendo and so tey save money

  25. Personally o would much rather have the PS4 model, pay 60 for a year.

    You can access free games for ps plus members, even after your plus runs out when you renew it, it will still be there. Unless they decide to take away those rights which I haven’t seen yet, it’s still in your purchased library.

  26. Here’s my Idea Nintendo should take the bigger step and add all the older games for Nintendo Online for Example Arms,Mario+Rappids,Mario Kart,Mario Bro’s U Delux, those are good example of that online having a purpose

  27. The switch costs about 300 dollars and now I have to pay more money to use it? I hate these subscription things. 😑

  28. Canceled my nintendo online and bought a ps4 for 150 with ps plus. Thank god

  29. And then the Nintendo Switch Online isn’t permanent.

  30. I’m just here to say, Why is nobody talking about the fact that they haven’t done this again yet, even though they said they would do it every two months?!?!?

  31. Free trials is definitely not enough to convince me to buy the online service. We have Playstation plus and get awesome free games every single month. Not to mention that they are usually great games. Obviously Nintendo can’t compete with that. Sad really.

  32. Do you get to get free games with online membership for as long as you buy it ? Please let me know I am new

  33. Nintendo Switch Hardware Overview speaker is that you?

  34. Dumbest group of games for the classic Nintendo. There’s so much better games out there they chose these ones 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  35. Wake up ppl, its not free games!!!!!
    your basically paying rent on games that you dont get to own anymore!
    We are being tricked.
    We need to demand that nintendo allow downloading with out monthly fees/rent.
    On the wii you could buy/download a retro game and not have to pay rent on it!
    Dont let this world take our ownerships rights away……..
    Dont fall for this, dont trade your ownership of a game onely to then pay rent on it.

  36. Did this dude used have walkthrough YouTube before did it get deleted?

  37. If a phone can have discord y don’t they have discord as party chat

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